2021.09.22 06:40 Shoddy_Art_2298 Booba

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2021.09.22 06:40 TraditionPleasant477 I fucking hate the word wholesome

Everybody who says it makes me sweat and piss and cry and I want to strangle anybody who uses that word with utter seriousness because all I can think about is you watching Tyrone fuck your wife when that stupid Reddit word gets typed out on my fucking screen. Omlahwbdejsiw look at this stupid shit on all like a dead cat or something, so wholesum ommmaguuud. Look this Chinese family of twelve just died slowly in a fire how unholesome sadness 100. Who talks like that. Who says that word? Makes my soul cry tears of blood. Omaghuuuoooall look I put a sticker that is supposed to be happy about this apartment that blew up I’m so quirky oh and at least the the cat lived that’s really holysome 100. AITA?
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2021.09.22 06:40 IMeanMinimum Possible aftershocks in Adelaide after Melbourne earthquake

Premier says they are monitoring for potential aftershocks
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2021.09.22 06:40 McMoneyKOS [Recruiting] Smackas | Townhall 8+ | Clan level 5 | Farming/War | Independent warring

We are a higher level clan, usually th10+ active in wars, clan games and donations. Just looking to help out some lower town halls, and watch them move up! Clan is Smackas, ID ; 2LOVLL8L Be quick to join! We will fill up very fast!
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2021.09.22 06:40 strawberrybears the bunny hat is so cute <3

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2021.09.22 06:40 Nervous_Surround3071 how can an election reform lead to more choice

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2021.09.22 06:40 martinfv The regedit tiles thing doesn't with the latest version

Is there a way to bring tiles back to 22000.194 ?
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2021.09.22 06:40 KinaKingy this one's controversial

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2021.09.22 06:40 Cody0290 [WTB] HSP Single Rifle Mag Pouch, MCB, $55 (AZ)

Looking for one of these in MCB, have a dangler if interested in trading too
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2021.09.22 06:40 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 06:40 Deplizz78 The Pits p2

The Pits p2 Expansion of my old post.
Knockback removed from scarlet upgrade Self-explanatory.
Blacksteel Shards Blacksteel Shards would be a material created when a Blacksteel Golem is killed and let to explode. It is used to create Blacksteel Arrows that are like multishot but will stack with multishot.
Redstone Disturber Renamed to Redstone Disruptor. Can be used to power placed redstone dust.
Scavenger Bartering Because the Scavengers of the past have mined out all the gold and left the Pits, the rest have mined out anything particularly shiny or metal-y, though this isn't gold and when the player holds up a piece of gold all nearby Scavengers will run up to them hoping to be tossed a piece. When given gold, they assume you'd want something in return, they will throw large amounts of Blacksteel, Iron, Steel or Quartz at the player (6-32). Also, not related to Scavenger Bartering when a Scavenger encounters a Wither Skeleton because a fortress has spawned in a Pits biome (which is oddly common) they will cower in fear and either wait for death or run behind the nearest player.
Chests inside open machinery The society which created these machines were very rich in materials and put some of these riches inside their inventions to show off, thankfully, they are all gone and left their stuff in some of these!
Iron Ingot - 33% Chance
Obsidian - 33% Chance
Coal - 31% Chance
Blaze Rod - 29% Chance
Blacksteel Ingot - 22% Chance
Gold Ingot - 6% Chance (The Scavengers have taken.. quite a bit)
Diamond - 5% Chance
Channeled Beacon The Channeled Beacon is a block crafted from a Beacon and a Scarlet Crystal. It allows the player to add one last layer of metal or gemstone for a Tertiary Power upgrade, allowing the player to chose between Fire Resistance or Fog Vision.
Fog Vision Fog Vision is an effect only available via Channeled Beacon. It allows the player to more easily see through Nether Fog.
Flint and Steel Instead of Flint + Iron = Flint and Steel it's Flint + Steel = Flint and Steel
Scarlet Corruption If the Scarlet Crystal isn't channeled, it is harmful to living and non-living objects, this is no different to Blacksteel and you can "use" a Scarlet Crystal on Blacksteel Blocks turning it from regular to foul. Scarlet Corruption is a bit similar to copper oxidization, except rather than oxidizing so it looks better you corrupt it further to gather more Scarlet Shards from it.
Regular - No Shards
Foul - 3 Shards
Vile - 6 Shards
Corrupted - 9 Shards
Scarlet Shards Scarlet Shards are the product of Scarlet Corruption and can be crafted into Scarlet Crystals. 3 Shards to 1 Crystal

Showcase of new textures
Steel Ingot v2 by u/akogiri Blacksteel and all it's varients by u/redditisbadlmao Scarlet Shard and Crystal by me
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2021.09.22 06:40 anthroposcenery When "that guy" comes around...

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2021.09.22 06:40 telex_bot Varga Judit azzal büszkélkedik, hogy konteós külföldi lapok szemlézik egy interjúját

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2021.09.22 06:40 saxonny78 Houston, we have a problem.

I have spent. Four days. FOUR DAYS trying to figure out how to transfer my fully developed island from the Switch to the Switch Lite.
Where are the BEST tutorials for dummies? I am nervous I already deleted everything…but I also don’t see how that can be. Soooo…
On your marks, get set, go!! Person that sends me to the answer that works will get $300k and some fun items.
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2021.09.22 06:40 gamernewbii the dog looks kinda guilty :/

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2021.09.22 06:40 RealMaRoFu I was originally gonna make a comic for the anniversary but I couldn't finish it in time, so have this instead

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2021.09.22 06:40 EfficientZone Outdoor rating added to the database

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2021.09.22 06:40 gentlemanwolfpig Marzia and Felix explain to their child the birds and the bees

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2021.09.22 06:40 Shinomiya_Jan1st School opening ceremony and their special advisor

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2021.09.22 06:40 KarlYonedaStan Do the PWP want to abolish the monarchy?

[Prime Minister KarlYonedaStan appears before the camera, epic title slide ‘A Republican Cabinet??’ appears above]
Hello, I’m here to clarify whether some of my cabinet ministers are, in fact, supportive of the abolition of the monarchy, as Conservative MP and Shadow Minister for Industrial Affairs, Winston_Wilhelmus, and the Shadow Paymaster General, NeatSaucer so eloquently asserted during Prime Minister’s Questions. Such a revelation would truly be remarkable, as I always figured that shared support for Britain’s traditional institutions was something the Conservatives saw as a positive in my coalition partners. Were they secret Republicans all along? It’s time to do some sleuthing.
[KarlYonedaStan pops into First Secretary of State and PWP co-leader KalvinLokans office]
KarlYonedaStan: Mr. Kalvin? Do you have a moment? I was wondering if it is true that my entire cabinet supports the abolition of the monarchy?
KalvinLokan: Absolutely not, and I think a good number of my party members would hoist me by my keester should I say otherwise, the Progressive Workers’ Party, or specifically its initial incarnation the People’s Unity Party, was founded on the principle of supporting the monarchy and a great deal of members will not be supporting an effort to abolish it.
KarlYonedaStan: Hm, well it appears that Mr. Lokan is NOT a Republican. Who would’ve guessed? Maybe his co-leader and Home Secretary Model-Eddy will share the feelings Mr. Willhelmus accused him of having.
[Darting across the hall, KarlYonedaStan flies into Model-Eddy’s office, interrupting a meeting between him and his ministers]
KarlYonedaStan: Mr. Eddy! Is it true you want to get rid of Her Majesty the Queen???
Model-Eddy: Hey Karl great to see you! My thoughts on the monarchy? Well I don't exactly hide the fact I'm supportive of the Queen, and it's sort of what PWP have come to be known for! I will say that as someone on the left I am somewhat instinctively sceptical of hierarchy for the sake of it, however I recognise our constitutional monarchy is stable and adequate for the current political climate and a core feature of the United Kingdom's workings. The notion our government is republican is an irresponsible and ludicrous claim!
KarlYonedaStan boards a small railway through the corridor, to reach the office of SomeBritishDude26 the Transport Secretary]
KarlYonedaStan: SBD! You’ve been part of the PWP and its successors from the beginning - what do you think the Tories accusation that our cabinet is pro-abolition?
SomeBritishDude26: I would certainly say that is an attitude amongst some members of the Cabinet, but certainly not all, as you would expect in a broadly left-wing government. Personally, I am very much in favour of the monarchy, as my record shows.
[Before KarlYonedaStan can continue down the list of PWP ministers, he is stopped the Chief Secretary of the Treasury and new Solidarity member WineRedPsy]
WineRedPsy: I don’t care much for the monarchy, but why would we be spending any energy on that kinda symbolic issue instead of focusing on people’s real and multitudinous livelihoods, conditions, wishes, and needs? Leave that kinda prioritising to the opposition.
[KarlYonedaStan glances at the camera nervously and signals to stop rolling, to no avail]
KarlYonedaStan: I guess you’re right, I suppose it was pretty strange for the Tories to waste two questions of PMQs on the question as to whether this Government wants to abolish the monarchy. Out of all the really important questions that all of our constituents face, you would think that asking about Republican reforms of which we had given no indiciation would be towards the back of the list. One has to wonder if they are a bit out of touch, trying to find new ways to divide a Government that understands one another’s red lines, or simply do not have better questions to ask. Regardless, we probably should not give it that much mind.
Cameraman: This is going to be a terrible TikTok.
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2021.09.22 06:40 7th-Seventh-7th Uxie in 5 mins 9394 6338 4750

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2021.09.22 06:40 NemosGaming Didn’t know we were showing off reps

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2021.09.22 06:40 DMVhater69 Don't indulge mental illness

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2021.09.22 06:40 thelonecaner [Mini Reviews][Single Cask Rum] Three Gardel Rums

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2021.09.22 06:40 mentallydeteriorated What kinds of small actions from your partner make you feel loved?

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