The Batmobile 🦇

2021.09.22 07:04 llamaseatgrass The Batmobile 🦇

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2021.09.22 07:04 kingkahuna1979 Swimsuit

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2021.09.22 07:04 PrimalFF Is this good roll or should I try to get this other wanted ark in the reroll banner more? Thanks!

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2021.09.22 07:04 Gobak2sleep 1 cost Libram of Wisdom not working with Palidan quest.

Is it intentional that playing a 1-cost discounted Libram of Wisdom is not counted as playing a 1 cost card?
I've noticed trading doesnt count either, which I can understand since you pay to swap, not play the card. It feels like playing a discounted 1 cost spell should count. I mean, my 1 drops that cost 2 because of a watchpost dont count. I cant remember exactly but I think all Librams discounted to 1 arent counting toward the quest. Anyone know why if it is by design not working?
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2021.09.22 07:04 Obvious_Play_2196 I feel dumb

First of all I am dumb, and I would like to know advise to turn me (a grade 9 boy with a c+ average) into a A+ student…pls. And second of all the main thing, I never understand stuff that everyone always say the learned back in grade 7-8, like vector space and möbius string/loop, and I’m feeling dumb, I didn’t pay attention in class already and now forgot what quark flavours were and all that so is there any way to basically learn everything from the beginning, like is there a site that teaches what all classes from a certain grade will teach like “I want to know what grade 8 stuff I forgot” so I just search it and learn about it all again or something like that. I just hate feeling dumb…I mean I am but people don’t need to know that
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2021.09.22 07:04 ThatSilentP KOO MAG - Watchlist 9/21/21

CD Baby's Virtual DIY Conference 2021 // Password: AUSTIN2022
- 10 Conferences for DIY Musicians (available for one month)
How to Make 6 Figures in Music by Kristene Mirelle
Kid Cudi x A$AP Nast x BADBADGOOD Freestyle @ Met Gala After Party
Cause Silent P Said So:
WrestleTalk News
AEW Darkc
by Tyler PSwitch Dow [sīlənt/p🤫]
for KOO/co
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2021.09.22 07:04 iJettski H: 13500 Ultracite Plasma Carts W: Caps

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2021.09.22 07:04 priyagent Tales of Arise Dragon Law MOD

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2021.09.22 07:04 catie_the_nerd I finally tried the ramen on my college campus!

Hi all! I’m sure many people will understand this because I know lots of people suffer from social anxiety like I do. There’s this ramen place on my college campus that I’ve had my eye on since I was a freshman. I’m a senior now, and I’ve never ordered from there. Why? Because it’s chipotle/subway-style place where you go down the line and tell the person what you want. These kind of places have given me panic attacks before. The pressure gets to me and I literally have so much trouble at these kind of places. I usually make it through by following a friend and copying what they do. However, this wasn’t an option today. I had to just go up and find the courage to explain this was my first time ordering and I wasn’t sure how to do it. The woman making my ramen was very friendly and the ramen was delicious! I’m so glad I finally faced my fear, and I feel really proud of myself today.
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2021.09.22 07:04 Mayordgreat Football Predictions Today – 22/09/2021 – Bet of the Day, Both Teams to Score, Correct Score and Today’s Accumulator Tips

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2021.09.22 07:04 Keycpeee [FOR HIRE] I will draw and turn you into a Simpsons character for $15

Are you looking a way to commemorate your loved ones this coming Christmas season?
please allow me to draw you as a Cartoon character based on Rick and Morty, Bob's burgers, Family guy, Gravity falls and simpsons series. C:
Here is a link to my samples: •
I can deliver in 1 or 3 days depending on my workload.
Original Price rates: Human character costs at $15 Pet character costs at $12 Additional stuff costs at $10
Promo Bundle package: If an order exceeds up to 6 persons or more, that includes pets. Will have the original price discounted. Instead of paying $15 per human character and $12 for per Pet character. You'll be paying each human character for $10 and $8 for each Pet character drawn!
Premade backgrounds are already provided, you'll need to choose one background. If you want me to create and draw a Custom made Background, there would be an extra charge.
My mode of payments includes PayPal and Gcash. I also Charge upfront!
Message me here or via Thank you c:
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2021.09.22 07:04 nyanyako_san Amen. I can finally move on.

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2021.09.22 07:04 TheTypeSetter The Hemlock App

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2021.09.22 07:04 obama_agiota Ching chong

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2021.09.22 07:04 upcyclerefinery Pikselert naturlig lappeteppe #Skinntepper #kuskinn #lær #skinn #skinnteppe #teppe #tepper

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2021.09.22 07:04 workstory hoping to get a bigger backseat before next garden season!

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2021.09.22 07:04 Burninghatred4negros What a great system

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2021.09.22 07:04 WorrickIsSUS I hate non-prime lobbies.

What do i do, i can't rank up, i can't get drops, lobbies with cheaters and generally an "un fun" experience. It is terrible.
So does anyone know how to get free prime, like to prove myself i am not a real hacker?
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2021.09.22 07:04 JohnMacLaren As a man, how do I get more hugs or physical affection in my life?

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2021.09.22 07:04 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 07:04 castasidelikenothing Null

Disgusted in myself for exceeding 1000 calories today. I have tonight off work and I ate more than usual and now I feel disgusted in myself hours later. No amount of exercise makes me feel ok anymore. I'm underweight but I feel so heavy all the time. I feel physically ill after eating solid food when I do and I guess not working tonight has left me alone with my thoughts. My usual distractions are not helping and i'm kind of freaking out. I know it's not the end of the world but I just feel disgusting inside. Idk what to do.
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2021.09.22 07:04 ChenY1661 Any news regarding the system requirements of fh5 yet?

Cause the steam page said the current requirements shown are estimated and after watching more and more lets go episode i really want to go ahead and pre order premium edition but am afraid pc might not be able to run it.
Edit: im running fh4 on high - ultra on 45-60 fps with a gtx 1050ti
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2021.09.22 07:04 mushypeachess Is a psychology major considered to be STEM?

There’s some orgs on campus for minorities in stem but I’m not sure if psych counts? And yes I know this is a silly squeaky ion but I just wanna know for sure
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2021.09.22 07:04 KoydekiCocuk Yeni bir akım başlatmak istiyorum.

KGB Kızları ile ilgili bir şey söylemem ama KGB Erkekleri asaletini göstermek için serbest kıyafet uygulamasına sahip okullarda gömlek giysin. Akımıma öncü olmak isteyenler bir sonraki sabahtan itibaren gömlekli ya da gömleklerinin resmini atsın. Böylece hem okullardaki KGB’liler tanışabilir, hem de KGB’nin farkını gösterebilirler.
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2021.09.22 07:04 upcyclerefinery Moderan tepih od kravlje kože kontrastnih kvadrata i krugova savršen za svaki suvremeni dom #Tepihodkravljekože #Carpet #Cowhide #HaironHide #Leather #Rug

Moderan tepih od kravlje kože kontrastnih kvadrata i krugova savršen za svaki suvremeni dom #Tepihodkravljekože #Carpet #Cowhide #HaironHide #Leather #Rug submitted by upcyclerefinery to cowhidepatchworkrugs [link] [comments]