Misty Ayers in a black costume on stage

2021.09.22 06:33 Zennred Misty Ayers in a black costume on stage

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2021.09.22 06:33 ranan7245 Wildlife Birds | Beautyfull Parrot In Amazon Jungle

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2021.09.22 06:33 AA_Destroyer Fish not swimming properly, swim bladder issues Help!

I have had a neon dwarf rainbow fish in quarantine and he has been doing well until about 4 days ago when I fed him just as usual but after about 10minutes after the feeding he started floating to the top from his back side. (I fed him flake food from the surface) I'm thinking he could have swallowed some air but am not sure. It has been around 4 days and I have been fasting him and giving him epsom salt dips but he does not seem to be getting better just today I wetted some brine shrimp and fed it to him and he ate. He spends much of his time just floating in the tank, swimming around occasionally, but I am wondering if at this point it is pointless to continue treating and if this is permanent?
I also was wondering how long treatment usually takes and if it is normal to not see much results within the first few days?
If this happens to be permanent will he still be able to live just fine a potentially be added to the main tank at some point?
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2021.09.22 06:32 xpeterman meanwhile

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2021.09.22 06:32 twistingxtongues Reminder to save your game frequently, I almost lost a few hours progress of a build (then my game crashed so I lost it anyways…)

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2021.09.22 06:32 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 06:32 One-Use-3402 Volumen 01 by TinchoTracks

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2021.09.22 06:32 No_Boysenberry5591 Como eu fico mais forte? how do i get stronger?

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2021.09.22 06:32 bearboyjd What drone should I buy? (sorry)

I saw the weekly post and I took a look at a few of the drones but I honestly have no idea how to find what I'm looking for. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. For senior design my group would like to develop a search and rescue software that uses drones to cover large areas and identify either a lost person or evidence that a person has recently been in the area. In order to get the proper test footage we need a drone that has capabilities I don't see listed or addressed for most drones.
We need a drone that:
Can be programmed to execute particular flight patterns. preferably though an API. Can upload footage to a laptop in real time (at least 1080p). has semi-long battery life (like 20-30 minutes) and has at least a 2k (preferably 4k) camera on it. has a good? range. Cheap is good but the max I could spend is around $1000
I'm sure I have not thought of everything or am missing some large detail but I could really use some help finding the proper drone for the job. I'll be active in this post so please if you have any questions or advice feel free to comment. Thank you.
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2021.09.22 06:32 PVilch Anyone had this weird glitch in arenas? It didnt go away for the whole match

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2021.09.22 06:32 N7Preston Ah, simpler days….

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2021.09.22 06:32 Soyboy_bolshevik Controller Vs KBM

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2021.09.22 06:32 HealthAffectionate20 DOES THIS MEAN TOM??? “WEN IOS” AS IN WEDNESDAY?!?!?!?

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2021.09.22 06:32 thepigeonexpress Spain: La Palma volcano continues to wreak havoc, families race to retrieve belongings • The Pigeon Express

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2021.09.22 06:32 KlemenTimeOfficial Sangonomiya Kokomi's Real-Life Inspirations

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2021.09.22 06:32 AesthetiConsciousnes gods head gear NFT series limited

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2021.09.22 06:32 Truthamania The King weighs in on media coverage of Gabby Petito

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2021.09.22 06:32 AlwaysJustinTime69 Tonya 1937 - 2021

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2021.09.22 06:32 Nice-Cause-6482 One question about morning wood and other things

when i start having morning wood, can i say i'm healing? I rarely have moning wood, maybe almost never... I used to have morning wood frequently in my teens, but now... nothing.
About porn, I haven't done this for three days and 0 masturbating. I bought a libid stimulant, it will be delivered in 2 days? Does libid suplements work well for you?
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2021.09.22 06:32 H2-van_g-O Adolescent dog is suddenly very wary of new people

My parents' dog, Rolo, is a ~2 year old pit and has just recently developed a fear of new people. He's completely fine with people he's met previously, such as myself, my parents, grandparents, employees at his day care, etc. It doesn't really matter how long since he's seen people he knows, either. I came home again after about 8 months of being at school and he was totally fine. Previously, he used to love meeting new people. He was always very friendly and outgoing towards strangers and new dogs. We aren't really sure what's changed in him. It's like all of a sudden he doesn't trust people anymore. He's still fine with other dogs, though. He's been going to day care a few times a week for several months now and there haven't been any reported incidents of him acting out towards other people or other dogs. I'm wondering if he's just maturing and becoming more territorial/protective. When I visited my parents recently, my partner came with me and Rolo was super wary of them. He never bit or attacked them in any way, but he did growl and bark a lot at them a lot. He didn't seem aggressive, though, just fearful. His tail was down, his eyes were really wide, his head was lowered, his shoulders were kind of hunched, his ears were back, and he never showed his teeth. But whenever my partner entered the room, or Rolo entered the room and saw them, he would get this very fearful look on him and start growling and barking. He was like this for about a week before he got used to them. Apparently this happens fairly often now. Whenever he meets someone new, whether its in the house or out in public, he gets like this. I took him on a walk in a public park when I was home and he looked scared the whole time. I'm not sure why this is happening. Do you all have any ideas? Is it just aging or could there be something else going on here? Is there anything we can do to make him less afraid?
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2021.09.22 06:32 asnjo A letter found on a Worden mail truck

Dear mother
One of the most pitiful things here is the incompetence of our instructors. They are nearly all illiterates and most have been out of the army some10 years. One slouches about in a bowler hat and confessed he does not understand some of the drills. The company Sergeant-Major is a weak, stupid fellow, looks 55 or 60, doesn't know his business.
Love John
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2021.09.22 06:32 APikavar Updated Overworld Portal Break (Manhunt Strategy)

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2021.09.22 06:32 Klutzagon Lost Boys Instrumental?

Anyone have a link or a download page for the Lost Boys instrumental? I can’t seem to find it on YouTube and I’m wondering if one even exists at all.
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2021.09.22 06:32 kipthunderslate Did I just fail 2 blood dye rolls on the same master clue?

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2021.09.22 06:32 dalahmaus I quit two years ago because I couldn't handle the busy line and I got promoted too quickly I want to go back but I don't know where I should apply I'm really rusty

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