Today Shirt Thrift Haul was Priceless!

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2021.09.22 06:19 Dino_Wesley System of a Down - Toxicity (Cajon Drum Cover)

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2021.09.22 06:19 Mr_Videodrome_Clown I'm an eccentric, artist, and I make odd vids... therapy!
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2021.09.22 06:18 timetraveler09099 Are there any volunteering opportunities without the need for transportation?

I need to start volunteering for my Legacy Scholarship but all the places I've looked at are pretty far away. Are there volunteering opportunities on campus?
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2021.09.22 06:18 shiba_inu_al Why do people get so upset when I put a raincoat on my dog?

My dog hates the rain so I put a raincoat on him and he loves it. I feel like I get judged for putting any items on clothing on my dog (even to take a quick photo). My dog is 99.9% naked of the time and he is not bothered by clothes, so why are other people so bothered?
I feel like they look at me like I am a bad owner and I abuse my dog by putting a raincoat on him so he will come out for a walk in the rain. 😂 okay rant over.
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2021.09.22 06:18 PR_OF1 Just got scammed

First time in a long time but I got scammed. Really killed my mood. This creator and me agreed on a set price for sexting. Next day she blocked me on everything. I hate people like that because it ruins the experience and gives a bad name to sex workers. I don't condone any subscriber doing chargebacks
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2021.09.22 06:18 jiddinja Any Fics Where Brienne Tames and Rides a Dragon?

I read a fic whose name I'm not all that sure on. I know it has the word 'Keeper' in the title. In it Brienne accidentally hatches 5 dragon eggs laid by Drogon while he was away from Dany in Season 4 and 5. Considering TWoIaF claims House Tarth has recent Targaryen connections, does anyone know of other fics where Brienne gets at least one dragon of her own?
I have this image in my head of her and Dany dancing for the fate of Tommen, Tyrion, and Jaime, who are out in the open and exposed. Dany is about to roast them and Brienne has her dragon ram Drogon. Though Briennes is nearly half Drogon's size, the force still prevents Drogon from aiming his flames, and then Dany and Brienne have at it dragon to dragon.
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2021.09.22 06:18 Steamedriice No joke believe me or not, i got a chicken patty instead of a 6 piece nuggets lmao

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2021.09.22 06:18 siddot Looking to rent a room,studio or 1 bedroom unit

I Will be relocating to Bakersfield, and I'm looking to rent a place in town. Looking to stay west of the highway 99, downtown, or bluffs area. I work in the energy sector, and I'm a contractor for PG&E and SoCal Edison. Thanks
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2021.09.22 06:18 aspentree_decor How would YOU cut galvanized, corrugated roofing panels?

I’ve heard tin snips, carbide blades, diamond blades, electric shears, nibblers, flipping the blade on a table saw, and angle grinder.

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2021.09.22 06:18 Charles_Nicholson How much (in millimeters, centimeters or otherwise) does the fuselage of a commercial aircraft expand during pressurization?

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2021.09.22 06:18 itsajokekaren_ NO BITES | Chapter 3: Old Friends

Sorry this took a while to get done. I’ll try and have chapters out quicker. This is clementine’s journey, but where lee didn’t die. Hope you enjoy! Choose carefully
Lee decided to run to Luke. Clementine followed. They needed to get back to the cabin, but what would Nick and Pete do? They only had one gun. Nick ran off into the woods. Pete couldn’t get away in time. The walkers started eating him. Luke didn’t have enough time to shoot the walkers and by the time the gun was loaded, it was too late. They found a small shed. More walkers were on the way in every direction. The shed was their only choice.
Lee and Clem helped Luke keep the door shut.
“What are we gonna do????” Luke asked.
“We need to find something heavy to keep the door shut!” Lee replied.
“Okay, okay, Clem, find something we can stick between the handles!” Luke says.
Clem found a broom. It looked sturdy enough. “Will this work??” She asks Lee and Luke.
“Yeah, that should work! Bring it here!” Luke says. He grabs the broom and sticks it in between the handles. The walkers bang on the door a bit more, but it stops after a while. “That might not hold forever.” Luke says, catching his breath. Lee pushes a crate up against the door. “ugh. You alright sweet pea?” Lee asks.
“I’m fine. But what are we gonna do now.?” Clem asks.
“Well. There’s gotta be something we can do.” Luke says, standing up straight again. “Check that back door. It locked?”
Clem twists the handle. “Yeah.” She replies.
Luke sighs. “We’re gonna have to wait for the walkers to clear out before we go anywhere.”
A few hours pass
Suddenly they hear knocking on the back door. It wasn’t a walker; it wasn't a bunch of banging and groaning. This was a person.
“Open the door!”
“Carlos? That you?” Luke asks.
Luke opens the door.
“Come on. We need to get back to the cabin.” Carlos says.
The four run back to the cabin. Lee pushed off every walker in his way. The gun would make too much noise.
They arrived back at the cabin.
“You’re back!” Omid said. “Where’s…Pete?”
Luke looked at the ground and sighed.
“We gotta go looking for nick. He ran off into the woods after Pete…” Luke said.
“We need to go. Now.” Carlos said. “Lee, can you please watch Sarah? She’s upstairs in her room. Don’t tell her anything!”
“Sure. You can trust us. Just go.”
The group headed outside. Omid and Christa went with them.
Clementine befriended Sarah. The two got along pretty well. Lee was glad. Clem needed a friend around her age. Then someone knocked on the door. Lee reached for his gun, bent down and slowly started approaching the door.
“Hello?? Anybody home?”
“Clem! Sarah! Hide!”
Clem and Sarah run into another room to hide.
The man opens the door to see Lee holding a gun.
“Now that’s not a polite way to greet a neighbor.”
“Neighbor?” Lee asks.
“Well yes. I live nearby. What’s your name, son?” The man asks.
“How about you tell me yours?” Lee replies.
“I’m George.”
The man walks in. He questions Lee even more until he leaves. He didn’t see Clem, but he saw a picture of Sarah. I guess they were taking pictures up here. Lee thought.
A few minutes after he leaves, the group comes back with nick.
“Lee, we’re back.” Luke says.
“Some guy came here while you guys were gone. He was asking me a bunch of questions.” Lee said.
“WHAT? YOU JUST LET HIM IN?” Rebecca shouts.
“I didn’t let him in! I was walking up to the door to lock it. He opened the door before I reached the lock!” Lee replied.
“He saw a picture of me…” Sarah said.
“A PICTURE? What were you doing taking pictures?” Carlos said.
Clem looked at the floor.
Carlos sighs.
“What was his name? Did he say what his name was?” Asked carlos.
“George?” Alvin asks.
“What did he look like?” Caros asked.
“Deep, scratchy voice. Brown coat. Droopy mustache.” Lee replied.
“We have to go.” Rebecca said.
“Sarah, let’s go get your things.” Carlos said. “Clem, Lee, I don’t know what he told you, but William Carver is a dangerous man.”
Lee nods, suspicious of who carver is.
The group still needed to find Nick. They found him holed up in some old abandoned truck, clearly hungover.
“Pete’s gone…he just..he-“ Nick starts.
“I know, I’m sorry Nick. We have to go, alright, carver and his gang showed up. Think you can make it?” Luke said.
“Yeah. Yeah I can.” Nick replied.
“Good. Now let’s go.”
The group sets out. Five days later they found a bridge.
“Does it look passable?” Luke asks Clementine, who was looking through a pair of binoculars.
“I think so.” She replies.
“Nice work, sweet pea.” Lee compliments.
Clem smiles.
“Lee, you wanna go out and check out the bridge with me? You can come too, Clem.” Luke asks.
“She’s just a little girl, Luke. She-“
“She’s a valuable, capable little girl, Carlos.” Lee said cutting Carlos off.
“I can go.” Clem says.
“hmph.” Carlos says, sitting down on a log.
“I’ll join. Sounds more fun than just sitting here.” Says omid.
The four head out onto the bridge. The walkers sitting on the bridge started attacking them. Luke fought two of them off with a machete, Clem with her knife, and Lee with a pipe that was sitting around. Omid just had to shove them off. Eventually, not having a weapon didn’t turn out well.
Omid fell through a board. He was stuck with a walker trying to reach him.
“OMID!” Lee shouted.
“Gah!” Omid yelled, trying to get away from the walker.
“Clem, you help me take out these walkers. Lee, get him out of there!” Luke said.
Lee nods. “GRAB MY HAND! COME ON!” Lee shouts.
“I can’t reach!” Omid replies. Lee grabs the pipe he was using to fight off the walkers.
Omid grabs the bar, and puts it down so he can stand on it in order to get back up, but it slips. He reaches for Lee’s hand but he only falls down. Further and further until he hits the water down below.
“OMID! NO!” Lee shouts.
“No! Omid!” Clem shouts.
Luke kills off the last walker. He walks over to Lee.
Lee just sat there, shocked that this just happened. Omid was gone. The funny guy who could always brighten the mood was gone. And he was left wondering if he could have done something different to save him. What was he gonna tell christa?
Luke puts his hand on Lee’s shoulder. “I’m sorry Lee.”
Lee only sighs. “We have to keep moving.” He said.
They walk down the bridge until they see a man walking.
“So, who are you people?” The stranger asks
“I’m Lee. This is Luke. The girl is clementine.” Lee yells back.
“Lee, Luke and clementine.” The stranger repeats.
The ‘stranger walks closer. “Huh. You don’t look like jerks. Are you jerks?”
“We’re not jerks.” Luke replies.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Mattew. You guys aren’t looking too great, if you need food, I can give you some.” The stranger says.
“Any catch?”
“No catch. Got plenty.” Matthew replies.
“Thank y-“ Lee started, until he was cut off by Matthew.
“WOAH!” Matthew shouted.
Nick ran onto the bridge. Guess he got bored of sitting there. He grabbed his rifle, aiming towards Matthew. Matthew aims back.
‘This guy’s got a gun, he’s trying to hurt them. I need to protect them!’ were the thoughts racing through Nick's mind.
“Get down!”
Matthew was shot in the neck. He fell off the bridge. The rest of the group headed over. This is where Lee had to break the unfortunate news to Christa about Omid. She sobbed. Clem and Lee search the station house to see what supplies he had. He grabbed a knife sitting on a table. Could come in handy. Alvin asks if they can just give the food to Rebecca. She IS eating for two after all. They agree. When the group pulls themselves together, They start checking out the lodge up the hill.
“Think anybody’s home?” Luke asks.
“Doesn't look like it. I don’t see anyone around. This door’s locked up tight.” Lee replies.
“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Could you go around back and see if there’s another way in?” Luke says.
Lee nods. “C’mon Clem. Let’s go.” He says
They start walking around the side when they hear someone yelling.
“Who are you people?” A man shouted.
“Hey, hey put the gun down alright, we don’t want no trouble-“ Luke says.
“Screw that!”
That voice sounded way too familiar. It couldn’t have been him. No, it wasn’t him. How could he have gotten out of there? There were a ton of walkers and no obvious way out, right? So it wasn’t him. Right? Lee slowly walked behind the group, crouching down. He pushed his way to the front of the group. Was it him? Did his friend really come back?
Lee saw a man with a mullet, a brown baseball cap and droopy mustache.
It was him.
Both of their jaws dropped to the floor. They both thought the other one had died. They immediately hugged.
“Lee..I..I thought you were dead! Where’s-“
Clem immediately hugs him. This guy was like an uncle to her. She missed him.
“And that answers my question. We can talk inside.” Kenny says, wiping happy tears.
The group heads inside. They were all hesitant to trust Kenny, but he gained most of the group’s trust after a while. Nick still wouldn’t trust him.
“So…where have you two been?” Kenny asks.
“Well, after I saved Clem from her captor, we were with Christa and Omid for a while. Omid, well….we just lost him.” Lee replied.
“That why Christa ain’t doing so well?” Kenny asks.
Lee nodded.
“Who was that guy anyway? The guy that took Clem.” Kenny asked.
Lee was silent for a minute.
“Remember how after we left the dairy farm, there was a station wagon with supplies?” Lee asked. “It wasn’t abandoned. The guy wanted revenge and kidnapped clementine to get that revenge.”
“Oh.” Kenny replied. He needed a moment to think about all of that.
Kenny introduced Lee and Clem to his new girl, Sarita. “You two should go help Walter with dinner. It’ll be ready soon.” Kenny said.
“Sounds good. Cmon Clem.” Lee replied.
They walk over to the kitchen area and meet Walter. Walter seemed like someone to give a warm welcome. “Hey! Nice to meet you two. I’m Walter. You’re Lee, correct?” Walter said.
“Yep. This is clementine.”
“Hey there. You two wanna help with dinner?” Walter asked.
“Sure.” Lee replied.
“I’m gonna help Sarah with the Christmas tree.” Clem said.
“alright clem.”
“So you knew Kenny when this all started, huh? He’s told us a lot about you. Never thought we would meet in person.” Walter said.
“Yeah. He was…he was a great friend. He seems a bit different, though.” Lee said, looking over at Kenny.
“In what way?”
“…nevermind. It’s nothing.”
“You guys are gonna like Matthew. He should be back soon. I’m not sure what’s taking him so long though.” Walter said.
Lee just froze. He just realized that they shot Walter's friend. This wasn’t good.
“Lee? Are you alright?” Walter asked.
“, yeah, I just, I’m fine.” Lee replied.
Walter nodded. “You look tired. You can go sit down over there. I’ll have this ready in a few minutes.” He said.
Lee nodded. “Thank you.” He said before going to sit down on the couch. He laid down, thinking about all the things that happened before they got here. He thought about meeting clementine. He thought about cutting her hair. He wondered” if Carley made it out of the mansion. He wondered what he was gonna tell Walter.
Walter called them all for dinner. Lee and Clem sat down with Kenny.
“Hey you two.” Kenny said, smiling.
“Hey ken.” Lee replied.
“What’s up with that kid, what’s his name, Luke? Do you guys trust him?” Kenny asked.
“I trust him.” Lee said.
“Me too. He kept us safe while we were running past some walkers.” Clem told Kenny. Just as she said this, Nick and Luke came and sat down with them.
“Hey. I’m Nick.” Nick told Kenny.
“Luke and Nick. You guys sure do look like a match.”
“I’m just saying you look like good friends, that's all.” Kenny said. Lee chuckled.
Nick STILL didn’t trust Kenny. Like at all. Really Nick?
The two started arguing as Luke, Clem and Lee tried to calm them down.
Kenny was about done with this conversation.
“Pass me that can, duck.”
Lee’s eyes got wide. He didn’t know what to say. Kenny looked down, reminded of the loss of his son.
“Um, Lee, can you and clem join me outside for a minute?” Walter asked as he practically dragged the two outside.
“I used to be a teacher, and I’ve seen things like this before. I’m sure they’ll find common ground soon enough.” Walter told them.
“Huh, that’s funny. I was a teacher too.” Lee said.
“Then I’m sure you suspect it too!” Walter replied.
Lee nodded. Talking to Walter only reminded him of the man who Nick shot on the bridge. He looked down, gulping. He thought now might be the time to tell him.
“What’s wrong Lee? Are you alright?” Walter asked.
“I’m just- your friend Matthew, I’m worried about him-“ Lee said, hoping that maybe, just maybe, it was a different Matthew that Walter was friends with.
“Oh, don’t worry, he’ll be fine.” Walter replied.
“How long have you known him?” Lee asked, realizing now probably isn’t the time.
“Oh, a couple years now. Started dating mid-apocalypse.” Walter said, chuckling.
Lee’s eyes got A LOT wider. The word “dating” made this situation a LOT worse.
“Lee, are you sure you’re fine? I’m sorry to keep asking, but it looks like something else is bugging you.” Walter said.
“I, uh- I” he stuttered. “I think I’m just tired.” Lee told Walter.
“Well, we’ll have places for you all to sleep pretty soon. We should go back inside.” Walter says. Then they hear someone walking around the lodge. Kenny came out and they investigated. A ginger woman was standing there, looking in. Kenny lifted up his rifle and the woman raised her arms.
“I’m gonna need you to get away from here, alright?” Kenny said.
“Do you have any food? Me and my family live down there. We’re starving.”
“Sure, we can bring you something, miss…” Walter started.
“Bonnie.” The woman said.
“Miss Bonnie. I’ll go and grab you something. We’ve got plenty-“
“We don’t know her, Walt!” Kenny said, in a yell-whispering tone. “She could be dangerous! RIGHT, Lee?”
Lee knew that after he tried to save Larry back in that meat locker, he was on worse terms with Kenny. So he agreed.
“Well, we shouldn’t let her into the house, that’s for sure.” Clem said.
Walter came to a conclusion. “We’ll bring you something. Just stay right there.” He said.
He brought the woman some food and she went back down the hill. Lee and Clem went inside while Kenny and Walter talked. Luke alerted them.
“Guys, that guy Nick shot on the bridge was Walter’s friend!” He said to them, yell-whispering again.
“Yeah. He told us. What should we do?”
“I think we gotta tell him, but not right now. Clem, do you still have that knife from earlier? If he sees it he’ll put two and two together and know he’s dead.”
“It's in my backpack.” Clem replied.
“Okay, well, get it out of there. We don’t want him seeing it.”
Lee went with Clem to go find the knife, but saw Walter outside, with the knife in his hand.
“Always liked this knife. Gave it to Matt when this all started.“ Walter said, taking the knife out.
Lee stood in front of Clem, in case he flipped out.
“I know he’s dead. So tell me, was it nick? Heard him say something about shooting a man.”
Lee looked down. He gulped.
“Nick shot him.”
Walter’s eyes got wide. “Is Nick a good guy?” Walter asked.
Lee doesn’t quite know what to say. He has two options.
He can either convince Walter to forgive Nick, or, He could say Nick is a bad man. He has proof for whatever he decides to say. So what’s best here? What should Lee tell Walter?
Choose carefully.
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2021.09.22 06:18 Zealousideal_Two8571 I plan on restoring my 1966 travco 270. If anyone in Ohio has spare parts I would love to get in contact.

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