Во вторник генеральный директор AMC Адам Арон спросил своих подписчиков в Твиттере о том, должна ли крупнейшая в мире сеть кинотеатров принимать криптовалюту-мем Dogecoin. Я искренне хочу услышать ваше мнение через этот опрос в Твиттере.

2021.09.22 07:03 happycoinclub Во вторник генеральный директор AMC Адам Арон спросил своих подписчиков в Твиттере о том, должна ли крупнейшая в мире сеть кинотеатров принимать криптовалюту-мем Dogecoin. Я искренне хочу услышать ваше мнение через этот опрос в Твиттере.

Во вторник генеральный директор AMC Адам Арон спросил своих подписчиков в Твиттере о том, должна ли крупнейшая в мире сеть кинотеатров принимать криптовалюту-мем Dogecoin. Я искренне хочу услышать ваше мнение через этот опрос в Твиттере. submitted by happycoinclub to NewsHappycoinClub [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 07:03 toad-juice questions on mental health.

i have about two years until i can enter the army. (meaning i am 16 years of age) and have recently discovered that i am absolutely fucked concerning my anxiety. i’m currently working on myself, and my anxiety pretty much works like this. disassociation and depersonalization. (feeling of not being in your body, not feeling real) and a lot of people have told me that if i have anxiety, that i just shouldn’t join. i want too, and it’s the first and only thing that in my life that i’ve actually wanted to do. something that finally caught my attention. the anxiety came on about a year ago, and i don’t want to give up just yet. if someone could give me advice, or just straight up tell me that i should find another thing to do with my life, it would be much appreciated. i also have another question concerning medication. would i be allowed to bring anxiety medication with me, or would they tell me to my face to go the hell home and don’t come back. i’ve been working so hard, and i just want someone to help me out here. thanks for the people that took time read and respond.
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2021.09.22 07:03 sharewithme Word of The Hour: devolution

devolution: the act of rolling down
See tree for devolution: https://treegledictionary.org/define/devolution
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2021.09.22 07:03 smartybrome Twitter Automation: Income w/ Affialiate Marketing in 1hour

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2021.09.22 07:03 LinguisticsTurtle How much did the gun industry make guns cool in America and make guns appeal to Americans emotions?

I read an interview about this https://join.substack.com/p/is-us-gun-culture-more-important
I guess you can look at different countries and see for yourself if other countries feel differently about guns and if the reason for the difference is advertising?
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2021.09.22 07:03 smartybrome Job interview Skills, Interview Strategy & Answer Scripts

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2021.09.22 07:03 coalrexx You’re a fine toilet…

I’m just an extraordinary piece of crap
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2021.09.22 07:03 greenbasty Yuno just chilling in the raid

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2021.09.22 07:03 ErenJaeger2003 Zendaya

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2021.09.22 07:03 melomaniacRED Saw this posted on another site and thought the caption was perfect.

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2021.09.22 07:03 Mbahlunar Prediksi SGP Hari ini 22 September 2021

Prediksi SGP Hari ini 22 September 2021 MbahlunarPrediksi SGP Rabu 22 September 2021 – Selamat datang para pecinta togel online khususnya pencari angkat jitu pasaran singapura. Disini Mbahlunar akan membagikan prediksi jitu untuk para pecinta dan pemain setia togel online pasaran singapura. Prediksi dari mbah ini hanya merupakan referensi yang dapat digunakan untuk memasang taruhan togel, mbah tidak akan bosan untuk selalu mengingatkan utamakan predisi sendiri.
Sumber : Prediksi SGP Hari ini
#prediksimbahlunar #togelonline #prediksisgphariini #mbahlunar
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2021.09.22 07:03 AlThorStormblessed [SPOILERS SEASONS 1 - 19] No of season appearances by the main characters, excluding flashbacks and hallucinations

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2021.09.22 07:03 SandyCheeks1428 What's a word you're attempting to remove from your vocabulary?

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2021.09.22 07:03 BitMammoth2232 I need exploration mods

Hey I just want some exploration mods because I've beaten the game so many times and its boring now any suggestions?
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2021.09.22 07:03 Kind_Independence921 Do yall think I can walk from Giedt Hall to Wellman in 10 min?

I can't ride a bike to save my ass and I hope that the walk between my classes won't be too rough ://
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2021.09.22 07:03 clayagds99 'Trans Kitchen' opens up in India, to provide free meals to patients and children, aims to remove stigma against transgender community

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2021.09.22 07:03 howdoufeelaboutsnail My boyfriend of 4 months did not get me anything for my birthday

So this sounds like I’m a spoiled brat, I know. And I feel bad kind of writing this even but I think it’s something I need to get off my chest.
I just turned 21 on the 21st (so yesterday) and hes 26. We’ve been dating for 4 months, almost 5 months. We planned a staycation for my birthday. I paid for the place we rented which was 500 dollars and we’ve been splitting the bills for things pretty much since we got here. He’s offered to pay more actually since I did pay for the place. Sooo I’d argue this staycation that I mostly planned and paid for isn’t my birthday present. I’m also okay with paying for more things since he pays rent right now and I don’t. We usually take turn paying when we go out to eat and stuff.
He never mentioned anything about a present. Never said “I left it at my apartment” or “it still has to come in the mail.” Nothing like that. I am not trying to be spoiled. It would be one thing if we were dating very casually, I could see me being fine with nothing.. but we’ve said I love you, we’ve gone on another trip 2 months earlier, and he gets me little presents randomly like a plant or a pair of socks.
I’ve also dated guys for shorter amounts of time and they’ve both given me presents when my birthday came around. I’d be fine with anything, socks, a stuffed animal, a pencil, just something to show that he was thinking about me on my birthday. His birthday is in November and I’ve already set aside a place in my notes app with links to things I’d think he likes.
I feel somewhat sad now that my birthday has past and he hasn’t gotten me anything. I’m typing this on the couch because the thought is consuming me while he sleeps in the bedroom. I don’t think I should bring it up to him because there’s no way I could without sounding entitled. And it’s not like I want something for my Birthday at this point. I just to know why he didn’t think about me enough. It’s not even about the Material item it is just about the thought.
Tl;dr I am kind of bummed my boyfriend didn’t think about me enough on my birthday to get a gift
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2021.09.22 07:03 JackSkelllington Since tomorrow is never promised, why are thinking about it instead of living in the moment right now?

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2021.09.22 07:03 trezebot [Rassegna Stampa] 22 September 2021 - Summary of Juventus news from Italy, translated

Here is summary of Juventus news from Italy:
Juventibus Calling Juve without being Juve 21 September 2021 - by Gianlorenzo Muraca
Mind you, completely physiological: the concept of infallibility is foreign to any business logic, especially in the sports field.
That other clubs have chosen and planned better than Juventus in the last two / three years is something absolutely normal, you just need to realize it.
Yes, because the feeling is that Juve is the victim of a bizarre paradox: they continue to enjoy their name without their identity.
The point is not that you could win against Milan, that you could have entered X and not Y, etc.
All field considerations on the merits can be more or less correct, more or less acceptable.
JuventusNews24 Juve Primavera: sting for Chibozo! All Bonatti's solutions in attack 22 September 2021 - by Marco Baridon
TACTICAL BOARD - Morata is in shape: because he was precious in Naples and Malmoe
Juventus Under 17, Cow added value: Pedone's secret weapon 22 September 2021 - by Giorgio Ferrero
Alessio Vacca proved to be the added value for Francesco Pedone's Juventus Under 17 in the first two of the league.
That's why there is a constant in the first two league games played by Francesco Pedone's Juventus Under 17: Alessio Vacca.
The 2005-born striker, in fact, scored both against Empoli and in the first league match against Spezia.
Too easy, however, to find the goal in 180 minutes, in fact, in both games, a handful of minutes were enough to cold the goalkeeper.
That it can be overcome this year too is still too early to say; for sure he is already among the best in the league for goals scored compared to the minutes played.
Juventus Under 16: goal and show at the Sardinia Trophy, Nuti is ready for the championship 22 September 2021 - by Luca Fioretti
TACTICAL BOARD - Morata is in shape: because he was precious in Naples and Malmoe
Juventus Under 15: goals, a lot of running and quality. Benesperi cuddles Merola 22 September 2021 - by Luca Fioretti
TACTICAL BOARD - Morata is in shape: because he was precious in Naples and Malmoe
Latest Juve: Chiellini skips La Spezia, Dybala the leader in Serie A 21 September 2021 - by JuventusNews24 Editorial Team
Dybala show with Juve: the positive result in Serie A 10.10 pm - Dybala is regaining that form and continuity of performance that he totally lacked last season.
The Juve forward has actively participated in five goals in his last five Serie A games with two goals and three assists.
No chatter, there is to be won "- VIDEO 14.00 - Juve face Spezia on Wednesday evening at the Peak, in the match valid for the fifth day of Serie A 2021/22.
Kessie Juve, Allegri tries to trip the Rossoneri rivals.
The former Juventus coach is still without a job after the end of his first experience with Juventus.
Marocchi: "For him De Ligt, Chiesa and Kulusevski are ugly and bad" 21 September 2021 - by JuventusNews24 Editorial Team
Columnist Giancarlo Marocchi commented on the words spoken by Allegri during the pre-Spezia Juve press conference Marocchi to Sky Sport commented on the words spoken by Allegri in the pre-Spezia Juve press conference in reference to who took over from the bench against Milan.
«Perhaps for Allegri the good ones are those who have won 9 league titles, while those like De Ligt, Chiesa and Kulusevski are bad and ugly and Juve have lost points because of them.
This is what comes to mind, taking it to the extreme, hearing Allegri in conference.
Juve, however, must improve technically ».
Pazzini sure: «Scudetto? Juve will return, many will lose points " 21 September 2021 - by JuventusNews24 Editorial Team
The former striker Pazzini in Dazn made an analysis of the championship fight between the big top in the standings and Juve Juve.
The statements collected by milanews24.
I don't think there will be a team that will kill the championship.
Many teams will lose points, but there is great balance because Napoli are doing very well, Milan the same, Juventus will be back.
Inter are certainly starting as Italian champions, that stuff is something that a player feels and gives an advantage. "
De Ligt, from Holland choose the successor: he is an Ajax talent 21 September 2021 - by JuventusNews24 Editorial Team
From Holland they name the possible heir of De Ligt.
He is a very young Ajax talent From Holland they are sure: De Ligt's heir is Timber, a very young defender born in 2001 who plays for Ajax, the club where the Juve central also grew up.
The Dutchman is considered a talent at home and according to reports from Telegraaf reporters in a podcast dedicated to the Eredivisie Timber he is destined to become as good as and as good as De Ligt.
Will he really be the next crack in Europe?
Tuchel warns Juve: "Werner is growing, he can play with Lukaku" 21 September 2021 - by JuventusNews24 Editorial Team
Chelsea manager Tuchel spoke about the two forwards.
The message sent to Juve for the Champions League match Chelsea manager Tuchel sent a message to Juve, the next Champions League opponent next Wednesday, on the eve of the Carabao Cup match against Aston Villa.
«Timo can play with Romelu, he did very well against Tottenham.
In the last few workouts Timo seemed more relaxed, more fluid in his movements and showed more confidence.
And that's why I played him against Tottenham, because we have seen this growth and there are clear signs that he is on the right track. "
Nesti prods Allegri: "That lip is an indictment, but he ..." 21 September 2021 - by JuventusNews24 Editorial Team
The journalist Carlo Nesti analyzed the situation of Juve and Allegri in this start of the season.
The statements The journalist Carlo Nesti in his diary of thoughts for Tuttomercatoweb analyzed the situation of Juve and Allegri.
«And they want to play for Juve ... Allegri's lip, at the end of Juventus-Milan, is an indictment against his players.
He has lost so far, in fact, a 7-point advantage, above all because he has always been satisfied with not putting 2 goals between Juventus and the opponents.
The beauty is that, against Milan, he complained of too offensive changes.
La Stampa Allegri shakes Juve: "Now we win, but I demand respect from whoever enters" 21 September 2021 - by Gianluca Oddenino
Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus coach, on the eve of the match at La Spezia it was clear: "Now we win, but I demand respect from whoever enters."
Now the matches are played in 16, which is why I demand the respect of those who enter for the teammates: a sense of respect and responsibility.
It was 60 years that Juve did not have 2 points after 4 games, now we need to do something more for everyone.
Now I understand that all problems come up, but I've always been used to talking less and finding solutions.
It is not a hammering, I have evaluations and I talk to them.
Gazzetta Dello Sport Juve, with Spezia it's up to Kean. Allegri shuffles the cards in midfield 21 September 2021 - by Giovanni Albanese
In addition to the return of Chiesa and De Ligt as owners announced by the coach at the conference, a chance for full-back De Sciglio.
McKennie is not the only possible novelty in the middle of the field Giovanni Albanese @GiovaAlbanese "You need a victory to be able to see things in another way".
DEFENSE - The rotation will not concern the goalkeeper: Szczesny will regularly lead the defense, Perin could find space with Sampdoria on Sunday.
Not to be excluded Bernardeschi.
ATTACK - While forward, despite being available, Morata should remain out and leave the starting position to Kean.
Juve's problem? Easy: Ronaldo is missing. A kind of technical doping 21 September 2021 - by Sebastiano Vernazza
He is not a leader, he does not tie with the locker room but with him we start from 1-0 and letting him go without an alternative now costs dearly Four goals in three games.
One in the Champions League, useless because he did not avoid the defeat in Bern against the Young Boys, a ruinous tumble that however did not come because of Ronaldo.
CR7's brilliant impact on Manchester United reinforces the theory that Cristiano always starts from 1-0.
Today United shares the primacy in the Premier League with Chelsea and Liverpool and you will have already understood what our point of fall is: Juve without Ronaldo fell to the penultimate place in Serie A, together with Cagliari and in front of Salernitana alone.
Unheard of, the Lady wanders around the worst bars in the league: never happened before.
Juve-Milan, racist insults in Maignan: the Federal Prosecutor's Office moves 21 September 2021 - by Valerio Piccioni
The episode posted in a video on social media could now be acquired to evaluate the opening of a file.
Juve on the hunt for the culprit
The Federal Prosecutor's Office, on the other hand, could acquire the video and it seems to be considering the opening of a file.
Meanwhile, Juve are also taking steps to identify the spectator and report him to the police.
The code of justice provides as "exemption", the possibility of reducing or canceling a sanction for objective liability, the collaboration of companies.
Allegri: "We cannot play in 10. Who enters must be determined" 21 September 2021 - by From Our Envoy Valerio Clari
Morata has recovered, Chiellini has a fever ".
On the outburst: "I'm lucid, but I'm not iron" From our correspondent Valerio Clari After the first half in Udine, at their seasonal debut, Juve had virtually three points.
Allegri knows: “It was 60 years since we started like this.
Allegri explains: “It is normal that after the game I can have an outburst as I am not made of iron.
And on the young people, at the center of some criticisms of him: “I do not hammer anyone, but we are not talking about a young team, but about players with more or less experience.
"They want to play for Juve" ... but Juve invested a lot: behind Allegri's outburst 21 September 2021 - by Livia Taglioli
If the last two have reached zero parameters (butreceivehighsalaries), the others represent important investments, and their enhancement is also included in the initial pact between Allegri and the company.
Case by case ... - From the general to the particular, in a context of general low growth of talents who started with great expectations and instead are still blurred on the horizon, we certainly cannot make a bundle of all the grass.
An evaluation, that relating to Chiesa, probably limited to the match with Milan, a return match after the forfeits with Malmoe and Napoli.
And after only one match played as a starter since the beginning of the season (heandDybalaareacoupleofattack).
La Spezia is upon us, Allegri's warning has certainly reached the ears of the young bianconeri, the pride of the Church will have had much more than a start, tomorrow evening we will know more.
Juve, seeking victory. The precedents with the Spezia? In Seria A 7-1 21 September 2021 - by Francesco Sessa
In the midweek round, Juve will visit Spezia, two points ahead in the standings.
Lo Spezia - The Ligurians are veterans of the photo finish victory on the field of Venice, with Bourabia's goal in the 94th minute freezing the home crowd.
Spezia could win two consecutive Serie A matches for the third time, the first since last February (winsagainstSassuoloandMilan).
Spezia have lost two of their last four Serie A home games (withonewinandonedraw), having remained unbeaten in the previous six.
While Spezia have only collected two points in the three midweek rounds played last season, including the prestigious draw against Inter (1-1withgoalsfromFariasandPerisic).
Racist insults in Maignan: Juve in search of those responsible. And in Udine the usual choirs ... September 21, 2021
Territorial discrimination against the Neapolitans at the Dacia Arena: a 10 thousand euro fine against Udinese From racist insults aimed at Maignan and displayed on social media to the discriminatory chants of Udinese fans against the Neapolitans and their coach, Spalletti.
The fourth day that crowns leaders Napoli is also the one that rekindles attention to the racism emergency, accentuated by the return of the fans (oratleastpartofit).
Two years ago the Juventus club had identified and kicked out a fan who had offended the memory of the Grande Torino.
Operation is not very simple, but in case it could make a report to the police or even an action against the individual.
In the past, the Juve curve had already been closed for racist episodes, in October 2018 for the choirs addressed to Koulibaly.
Spezia-Juventus, historical past in Serie B 21 September 2021 - by Furio Zara
That season, between back and forth, the Ligurians were the only ones to dominate the Bianconeri in direct clashes.
And then came the salvation enterprise Furio Zara
Juventus have five problems. And Allegri must try to solve them 21 September 2021 - by Luca Bianchin and Fabiana Della Valle
"And they want to play for Juve!".
The sentence, intercepted in a video shot on social media, came out of Massimiliano Allegri's mouth on the way to the locker room, at the end of Juve-Milan.
By connecting the dots, it is not difficult to understand who he was with: with some of his players.
The climate of tension naturally doesn't help: Juve have 2 points after four rounds, against 6 from Pirlo, 10 from Sarri, 12 from the last Max.
Corriere dello Sport Juve, the call-ups: ok Morata, Chiellini skips the Spezia September 21, 2021
TURIN - There are a total of 22 players called by Juventus coach Allegri, in view of the next championship match, against Spezia, scheduled for tomorrow at 18.30.
Recovered Morata (wholeftduringthematchwithMilanduetoanuisancetotheadductor), Giorgio Chiellini is not on the list (inadditiontolong-termpatientsArthurandKaioJorge), as announced by Allegri himself during the press conference.
Defenders: De Sciglio, De Ligt, Danilo, Cuadrado, Alex Sandro, Pellegrini, Bonucci, Rugani.
Midfielders: Ramsey, McKennie, Bernardeschi, Chiesa, Rabiot, Locatelli, Bentancur, Kulusevski.
Forwards: Morata, Dybala, Kean.
Spezia-Juve, Allegri: "De Ligt and Chiesa owners, out Chiellini" September 21, 2021
We did well in the two phases against a Milan that is doing very well.
With the strength he has he can not help but score.
Then it is clear that the experience that a Chiellini has cannot be had by Locatelli.
Allegri su Chiesa, De Ligt, Arthur and Kaio Jorge "Talking in the long run makes no sense, you just need to beat Spezia.
I don't even want to see the ranking but, looking at it, it would be a battle for salvation.
Milan, racist insults in Maignan. Juve is looking for those responsible September 21, 2021
MILAN - After the chants of the Lazio ultras against Bakayoko, another racist episode occurred during the warm-up of the match between Juventus and Milan.
Some Juventus fans insulted the Rossoneri goalkeeper, Mike Maignan.
The video of the event is a huge hit on social media and has sparked the reactions of the Rossoneri fans and beyond.
Milan, for its part, has already made it known that: "The deplorable racist insults against Mike Maignan, before the match on Sunday evening in Turin against Juventus, will not go unnoticed".
The same Rossoneri club already got in touch with Juventus immediately yesterday, finding the prompt response of the Juventus club that "had already started the investigation procedures to identify those responsible".
"Arsenal, Lacazette off to zero in January: Juve and Milan on him" September 21, 2021
LONDON (ENGLAND) - Alexandre Lacazette's adventure at Arsenal could really have come to an end.
Lacazette in the sights of Juve and Milan According to reports from the American broadcaster Espn, the Frenchman could therefore leave in January at a "bargain" price.
On the former Lyon there would be the interest of two Italian clubs: Juve and Milan, with the bianconeri who would even be ready to present an official offer to Arsenal.
Cholo Simeone's Atletico Madrid would also be on the trail of the class of '91.
Lacazette has been on the notebook of the Colchoneros market men for some time already and this time it could therefore be the right time to sink the blow.
Probable line-ups: Spezia-Juve, updates September 21, 2021
LA SPEZIA - Erlic has no injuries, but Thiago Motta shouldn't risk him against Juventus.
Allegri reunites with De Ligt and Chiesa.
Morata could rest and make way for Kean.
Chiellini out: Allegri has not called him.
Juve, Allegri's anger and Szczesny's accusation after Milan September 21, 2021
At Juve there are still (orperhapsalready) too many things wrong.
And the immediate post-match confirmed it, the confrontation in the locker room after the draw against Milan was far from serene.
Allegri is furious with some of his players A fury, Allegri was a fury.
Immediately after the triple whistle he took off from the locker room, getting pinched by the smartphones of the fans present while shouting: «Holy shit ... a!
A message that, in fact, sweetened, was reaffirmed even later.
TuttoJuve ALLEGRI INDICATES THE WAY, WHICH IS ONLY ONE 22 September 2021 - by Massimo Pavan
There are no shortcuts, Juventus in La Spezia, against a cheeky team that is dangerous at home, will have to win by making technique prevail but not only.
Allegri indicates what the choices could be, with Morata who is well and has recovered, out Chiellini who was feverish.
Chiesa and De Ligt will play, who have recently been moved from fixed points to luxury reserves, more by the media than by anything else.
ALLEGRI EXPLAINS THE RELIEF - the Juventus coach explains the outburst: "It is normal that I too have an outburst after the match because I am human.
I've always been told that what matters is the pitch, it's much simpler than it seems.
Massimo Pavan: "In these moments you can see who is close to the team and who is not, united more than ever and we begin to get behind three other teams" 22 September 2021 - by TuttoJuve Redaction
SZCZESNY 7-He probably told his twin brother that he had replaced him in previous games to dodge, because now it's his turn again.
It is the usual Tek we were used to, safe and precise in the exits.
The one on Kalulu, in the final ...
Probable training, between doubts and certainties 22 September 2021 - by Massimo Pavan
SZCZESNY 7-He probably told his twin brother that he had replaced him in previous games to dodge, because now it's his turn again.
It is the usual Tek we were used to, safe and precise in the exits.
The one on Kalulu, in the final ...
Pirlo, between denials and confirmations 22 September 2021 - by Massimo Pavan
According to Gerard Romero, Joan Laporta is considering Andrea Pirlo as one of the options to replace Ronald Koeman, who appears to have his time as FC Barcelona's first team manager due to recent poor results and poor collective performance of the team since his arrival at club.
The Italian coach comes from a very complicated period at Juventus, being the one who started the club's sporting debacle and who cut the Serie A series of the Old Lady's titles.
It is an option that Joan Laporta likes due to the fact that he is free and does not cost much.
But from the latest rumors he would not be in pole position for the blaugrana bench.
Barcelona on De Ligt, but ... 21 September 2021 - by Massimo Pavan
SZCZESNY 7-He probably told his twin brother that he had replaced him in previous games to dodge, because now it's his turn again.
It is the usual Tek we were used to, safe and precise in the exits.
The one on Kalulu, in the final ...
Pogba, game of poker 21 September 2021 - by Massimo Pavan
Paul Pogba has been in PSG's sights for several months but is still not close to a contract extension at Manchester United. This is what The Athletic has revealed recently.
It is true that the door is now open for Pogba to sign a new contract with the red devils, so as departure is possible, a free transfer is also possible.
PSG is said to be in the group, as is Real Madrid.
In August, the Daily Star reported that president Florentino Pérez was planning to make a free transfer for Kylian Mbappé and Paul Pogba next summer following the expiration of their respective PSG and United contracts.
On Pogba, however, there would also be Juventus and United himself.
Here's who dreams of the Psg 21 September 2021 - by Massimo Pavan
Zinedine Zidane has been available since he left Real Madrid at the end of last season and Qatar may not want to miss such an opportunity.
At least that's what Eduardo Inda says.
The director of OK Diario, who appeared on the Chiringuito show, said PSG made Zinedine Zidane their priority to replace Mauricio Pochettino.
And Qatar seems to be ready to do anything to attract the former number 10 of France.
Zidane's dream is to take over the French national team from Didier Deschamps, and PSG has offered him the chance to combine the two positions of France manager and PSG manager.
LEAVE THE HORROR FILM! AS IN 2015 STARTING FROM LIGURIA 21 September 2021 - by Massimo Pavan
Ten points from the first, a horror film, Juventus' first part of the season is a truly terrible start for the Bianconeri who have started in the worst possible way.
At the Juventus home this start of the season is being experienced in the worst way with the ranking that is like a sword of Damocles on the head and that should not be seen at all.
With those four points, Juventus would have been behind, however, but not as far behind as now where the situation is at the limit of normal.
A success today would be a starting point, after the recent disappointments and a point on which to rebuild everything as in 2015 when the bianconeri won the first match of the season in Liguria, in Genoa.
Click here, follow Massimo Pavan on twitter to interact with Massimo on the latest on the transfer market and on Juve
Chiesa and De Ligt, Allegri calls for redemption 21 September 2021 - by Massimo Pavan
SZCZESNY 7-He probably told his twin brother that he had replaced him in previous games to dodge, because now it's his turn again.
It is the usual Tek we were used to, safe and precise in the exits.
The one on Kalulu, in the final ...
Barella on fourth assist, only Pogba better than the Interista 21 September 2021 - by TuttoJuve Redaction
SZCZESNY 7-He probably told his twin brother that he had replaced him in previous games to dodge, because now it's his turn again.
It is the usual Tek we were used to, safe and precise in the exits.
The one on Kalulu, in the final ...
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2021.09.22 07:03 Shugaka Possible explanation on how Spamton NEO dies at the end (explanation in the comments)

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2021.09.22 07:03 luisyeli Un poco mas de ella !!

Un poco mas de ella !!
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2021.09.22 07:03 r41d3r777 dO yOU aGrEe??

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2021.09.22 07:03 CapNKirkland Crossbow bug with "warble of a smitten knight"

So I'm doing the horse race training to get the feel of hitting dummies and shooting targets on a horse.
So far the only thing that works is hitting the dummies.
The crossbow cant for the life of me work even if I quit and reload the game.
Holding R1 brings out the crossbow bit it imediately pops back on my back and the action is cancelled.
I can spam R1 and get the shooting animation but no bolts fire AND the crossbow is still on my back..
Sometimes when I pull out the crossbow the camera just YEETS to the left away from where I was aiming.
Are these known issues?
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2021.09.22 07:03 AcceptableAccident78 my friend wanted more people in our mc server!! feel free to join cus anyone can join. no need whitelist or anything. its wide open and its fun too.

MRFONET.aternos.me this is the ip address, and if it doesnt work, enter 'MRFONET.aternos.me:33780" Thanks for looking!!! btw its tlauncher only cus we all no money lol sad anyways bye, please join!
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2021.09.22 07:03 lifee00 Stomach bloated negative for H pylori

Hi i got my blood work done and it came out negative for H Pylori but I have high ketone level due to being on a keto diet last year. Doctor said I don't have enough carbs in my body which also damages my liver a little. That being said, my stomach is still bloated though especially on the day when I am feeling A LOT of anxiety. Does anyone get bloated stomach and needs to burp to feel better? and you just don't want to get up because it feels like a balloon in your stomach and sometimes the gas/acid would trap your throat too up till nose and you're just feeling really uncomfortable the whole body. To add on, I also am tested while I am on ppi so idk if that affects my blood in anyway?
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