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2021.09.22 07:56 SnooApples9956 This happened in my LIAN LI ST120 Fanhub. How can i claim warranty from lian li?

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2021.09.22 07:56 PolyShaun NXT recap & reactions: Friends close, a lot of enemies closer

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2021.09.22 07:56 Ax0gaming PLEASE HELP, This script wont work, why?

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They will repeat the same Kavanagh jokes for like 20-30 minutes at some point + other content.
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2021.09.22 07:56 O_hay_O So...my local shop share me this..

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2021.09.22 07:56 SzegedNewsBotka Lezárt akta: Megölte várandós feleségét

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2021.09.22 07:56 kpblm_info Hotel Complex Dvir Kniazhoiy Korony, Slavske

Hotel Complex Dvir Kniazhoiy Korony, Slavske Hotel Complex Dvir Kniazhoiy Korony, Slavske https://hotel-complex-dvir-kniazhoiy-korony.kpblm.info/en Hotel Complex Dvir Kniazhoiy Korony is located in Slavske and features a bar and a terrace. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk and room service, along with free WiFi throughout the property. O. Stepanivny street 29v, Slavske, 82660, Ukraine
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2021.09.22 07:56 customnewspk Julie Dillon joins EBOS as CEO Animal Care - NewsnReleases

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2021.09.22 07:56 PolyShaun Dynamite Grand Slam results, live blog: Danielson vs. Omega

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2021.09.22 07:56 utack Has anyone returned+replaced it and gotten better battery

There seem to be some people here who have great battery and some who do not. This is especially true for the LTE models it seems.
So simple question to narrow this down: Has anyone returned their watch, gotten the exact same model as replacement and experienced wildly different battery life?
Maybe there are some defective units?
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2021.09.22 07:56 CircleK-Choccy-Milk Capture losing signal for a second but TV doesn't 4K60 Pro Mk2

Hey all, so I just picked up this 4K 60 Pro Mk2 to stream / capture my Playstation 5, but I'm running into a weird and frustrating error.
So basically what's happening is the capture will cut out for a second and say no signal, and then come back. It doesn't matter if it's recording or not, it doesn't matter if it's on OBS, or 4K Capture Utility, or SLOBS, but the signal for my TV through the passthrough is fine and does not cut out ever, so there is specifically something weird going on with it capturing.
Has anyone else ran into this issue? I've tried searching it up but I didn't find anything the exact same as this.
I have tried reseating the card, different HDMI cables, I've tried setting the capture resolution in SLOBS / OBS to 1080p @ 60fps. I've tried disabling 120hz mode, HDCP is off.
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2021.09.22 07:56 albinorhino63 Taco Bell doesn't actually give you diarrhea.

That's right I said it, I eat it and I feel fine, maybe I've built up a tolerance?
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2021.09.22 07:56 c0mlink Cowboy in an Isekai? pt 4


Nick wasn’t exactly sure how this recruitment process worked, but by the looks of it, he was doing pretty good. The kids to his right had all touched the crystal ball and come out with a couple of numbers above 20 but looks like he was scoring high in all but two categories… not that he knew what the categories meant. And he kinda liked that part about professional bullshiter, hit the nail on the head with that one.
The crowd was a little off-putting but at least he was here as the good guy. Crowds can turn into mobs all too quickly in his experience.
“Ha!” Lord have mercy behave in front of people college girl. “A veteran hero! I knew you would be worth the spell components!” at least she was being quieter, or was it that she was quieter in comparison to the roaring crowd.
The king finally got on with the ceremony after looking at what looked like an i-pad for way too long. “People of Haven I give you your heroes!” another short pause as he talked with the queen. Now that was a looker. Red hair flowing down her back and a matching dress that looked about ready to bust. Too bad the college girl seemed to have a feud going on with her. Oh, and she was married to a king.
Crap the king was still talking “-to go strengthen your skills and levels before we restart our grand offensive and finally end this century-long war. Your sponsors will be assigned regions to defend for the next 4 months at which time we will gather in the city of ethe-” Nick tuned him out for a second to make sure he was hearing this right. The whole battle plan was being discussed in a very public and open forum, where literally anyone could relay it, MONTHS in advance. He only hoped that this was false information for the prying ears or spies no doubt in the crowd right now.
Come to think of it didn’t he just broadcast all their personal information to whoever wanted it? Someone who did that had no concept of bluffing. Nick grabbed the college girl’s arm and started walking out “We need ta get out of here yesterday hon. Dearest dad wants ta get us all killed.”
She protested weekly as she was manhandled out of the stadium and the king finished his speeches without them. “What was that for Nicholas? That was a sacred ceremony we just walked out of halfway!”
“Now listen here. I’ve been civil through all this up till here. But now I’m g’na some hard explanations and your g’na set me straight barny style.” He caught her vacant expression as he brought her a little farther down the halls. “What I mean to say is; we need to sit down and discuss what I actually going on, and for the love of God talk slower.”
“Well I suppose we can say you had an emergency, and we still need to check those outlandish skills.” She seemed to calm down and lead them into a side room where a butler brought them some tea and little cookie things. He passed on the tea but got rid of his chew to have some of the cookies.
“Okay so if I’m being honest I wasn’t actually supposed to summon you. Every twenty years our country summons seven heroes to help take back the land we lost to the demons.” Nick interrupted
“You're saying this in this war that has gone on for a hundred years you pulled me and seven kids to be a stop-gap? Ya’ll don’t see anything wrong with that?” He realized after he said it that she probably grew up with the notion that it was just the thing to do. Like how kids these days have a cellphone before they are even out of the womb it feels like.
“Well I mean…” she tried “when you put it that way… But heroes always seem so eager to do it! It's not like we force them or anything.” She had to be not much older than those kids herself, even if he laid it out they would be too pigheaded to do anything about it. Didn’t seem like she held that much clout anyways.
“Alright, alright. So I take care of space Hitler and the war is over? Or do we need to get the whole family? Tell me about these demons.” He could argue till he was blue in the face, but nothing would come of it. So better to get the facts and go from there.
“um… I actually don’t know. I’m just supposed to help you train skills and heal you in battle. If we defeat the demon lord it should take the demons a few years to find a new one at least. But speaking of skills we need to take a look at yours! I’ve never seek a hick before, and druid is mainly a support class but your stats are out of this world! A level nine should only have 105 points but you are over 200!”
Nick couldn’t believe what he was hearing. A hundred-year-old stalemate war, that they had to recruit children for.

Oceline had been upset to leave the ceremony early, but at least she could get the first look at Nicholas’ skills. He was awfully worried about the other heroes and even ending the war. So he must be a good person, just a bit excitable.
She held his hand in hers and concentrated, using her title as royalty to see his stats and skills.
[ Nicholas ] name [Veteran Hero, One hit wonder, Giga's friend. 3 more] titles[800/800] HP [240/240] MP[ Druid (Hick) Level 9 ] Class (job) tier 1[45] Str[20] Dex[80] Con[24] Int[20] Wis[40] Cha
Class skill: Hick CharmPersonal Skill: Professional bullshiter,
The words floated in her head and it was no less impressive compared to the first time she saw it. Now the titles first.
Veteran Hero: You have achieved impossible things at a high cost. Your retirement bonus is 10 extra status points per level, you gain 1 free level a year for the rest of your life (cannot cause you to upgrade your job)
She was so shocked she dropped his hand. “So what’s the verdict, and what are these skills you keep talking about?” her mind was racing too fast to answer properly as she took his hand again and begun reading out the titles as she saw them.
One hit wonder: You have Killed over 100 things stronger than you with one attack. Your first attack on something deals 300% damage
Giga’s friend: You have taken good care of the land and its creatures. You can never be lost in the wilderness.
Devil Dog: You have ferried souls into the afterlife under the banner of death. When killing a creature there is a chance to gain a stat point. The stronger the creature the better the chance.
Zombie: You have gone 4 days without sleep while continuously working. Shrug off status effects by spending HP. The worse the effect the higher the cost.
Iron Stomach: You have ingested enough poison to kill you and then continued ingesting poison. You can digest any organic matter, it may still hurt you though.
The only one she recognized was Iron Stomach, and that one was for alcoholics or people who live where the water is bad. She took a minute to explain skills and recover before going on. The two titles that stood out were defiantly Veteran Hero and Devil Dog.
“Hero is a documented title where the holder gets an extra 5 points a level on top of the 5 that are assigned on level up. They are distributed to the stats you use most without your input unless you have the careful trainer title.” She went on seeing him give her his full attention for once. His striking blue eyes boring into her own she couldn’t help but think of the stories of heroes sweeping their sponsors off their feet. But she went on not wanting to stare for too long.
“So the fact that you are not only getting double that every level, but also a free level every year, and even a chance to get additional stats every time you fight. It makes me a little scared to check your skills.” She wondered if the Veteran Hero title was why he was level 9 as well. Maybe he leveled up as soon as he was summoned?
Nicholas was silent as he sat back and seemed to look at something in the distance. She feared to ask what he could have done to earn all these titles. But in the end, curiosity won out and she grabbed his hand again and began reading.
Hick Charm: You get along remarkably with the working class.
Professional bullshiter: you can copy any passive skill you see in action. You can only do this while observing it and can only have 3 at a time. These can be changed out but only while observing the skill you want to copy. (cannot copy bullshiter skills)
A knock came at the door just as she was done reading out the description. Followed by the empty smile of the first princess entering with her hero in tow. “hello dear sister”
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2021.09.22 07:56 v8s5 What a F***in Game!

6-5, Giants Win
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2021.09.22 07:56 _Veteranjr MEMORIES | Battlefield Cinematic Movie by Veteranjr

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2021.09.22 07:56 Aus-exotic 💥New Varieties In Swipe For Menu💥

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2021.09.22 07:56 ShermansMarch2C Holding the line for my Flemish son.

My younger Flemish giant of a bonded pit is exhibiting signs of GI stasis and there are no emergency exotic vets in our state who are on call tonight. Normally we’ve been able to get any emergencies taken care of within a few hours, even driving a couple hours away to an on call vet, but tonight we have to hold the line until morning when our normal vet opens up.
He’s been lethargic since this late evening and over the last hour looked more uncomfortable, but I’ve been able to get some critical care into him (3/4 water to focus on hydration). Is there anything else I should be doing to keep him going until we can get to the vet in 5 or so hours? I don’t have motility drugs or pain relievers (I wish I did!)
I figure just about everyone’s asleep, but I need some good sign while I pull an all-nighter to make sure he pulls through. This boy’s a tank, and nothing’s stopped him before, so I especially hate seeing him uncomfortable.
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2021.09.22 07:56 JazzlikeChange864 I’ve known a girl for 2 days and I think she’s attractive. She laughs at all my jokes in our interactions and I think she might like me too. Should I send her a horny text?

View Poll
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2021.09.22 07:56 Jackson530 Welp next time I'll just buy the real one. Story in comments

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2021.09.22 07:56 Thatbear6969 Finally got the good ending!

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2021.09.22 07:56 shoeless_sean Ok so I just finished Book 3 of LoK for the first time and while I find it very entertaining, it's got a big problem

I'm going to be generous and completely ignore how a basically new air bender figured out a technique that was lost thousands of years ago on the grounds that maybe he's fucking buddha levels of spiritual (even though i still think it's completely ridiculous given how spiritual at least a few of the million+ of airbenders that would have preceded him over the course of even 1000 years)
I'm sure several comments here are going to defend it that he got training in the spirit world or he had similar training in the past. As someone who has been an athlete my entire life I fully understand that often skills translate between similar activities, and Zaheer is clearly a very spiritual man so airbending should be quite natural for him.
HOWEVER he randomly became an air bender out of the blue, at complete surprise to himself what TWO MONTHS???? before he's going 1v1 with TENZIN.
Yes I know he was losing, but he held on for at least a couple minutes which is a complete joke. Tenzin, a 50+ year master, should have turned him into a stain on the pavement in all of 5 seconds. There is no reason in hell Tenzin shouldn't have completely incapacitated him basically instantly. It wasn't even necessary for the plot, Tenzin should kick Zaheers ass but the other 3 Red Lotus members over power the rest of the group and beat him 3v1. It makes 0 sense for that 1v1 to go the way it does.
I'd also like to contend that he never should have beaten Kya who is also at this point a 50+ year old water bending master. I do get the sense she is more of a healer than a fighter but it's still completely ridiculous that a brand new airbender could even step to her and not get annihilated regardless of how much of a natural he is.
And finally the worst of the worst, going 1v1 with Avatar state Korra who is also completely furious at this point. The poison obviously weakened her, but if she can rip her chains clean off the wall, and temporarily knock out Ming-Hua while breaking out of her chains then that fight should not have been a contest.
I thoroughly enjoyed season 3. I think the Red Lotus is written extremely well in terms of their goals, morals, and dialogue. The truly great villain is the one that has some genuine thought, logic, and pain to their madness and the Red Lotus truly does.
But Zaheer's strength is just absurd.
Zaheer is the equivalent of a guy who played high school cricket walking into a major league baseball park and taking Max Scherzer deep on his first at bat.
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2021.09.22 07:56 gam3rn00b123 can't believe how people manipulate

i just saw a friend share a post for some person who really needs $200 because they want to get a hotel for a night because they 'need to get out of the city' for a night. crowd funding on the internet for a hotel stay. i mean i guess do you but also wtf? who feels comfortable doing that.
reminds me of all those gofundmes people make so they can pay for a backpacking/vacation. like do it yourself like the rest of us? tf....
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2021.09.22 07:56 Early_or_Latte ULPT request Loud upstairs neighbors

I live in an apartment and the guy upstairs stomps around easily until 2 in the morning. He's loud all day but during the day I put up with it. I do not want to put up with it when I need to sleep.
Ive banged on the ceiling with a broom only for him to stomp the ground loudly. Ive stormed upstairs only for him his roommate to answer the door and apologize for him, but he's never shown his face. Nothing helps.
I'm considering getting an electric back massager, setting on a tall shelf and raise it up to reach the ceiling to leave it on while wearing headphones.
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2021.09.22 07:56 SoundwaveSuperior98 [H] PayPal, [W] Indomitus Bladeguard, [Loc] PA, USA

Hello, I am looking to get a set of the mono-pose Bladeguard Vets from Indomitus. Preferably still on sprue if possible.
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