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2021.10.21 06:02 Straight-Yogurt-9556 Game recommendation

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2021.10.21 06:02 homesteader_ Looking for a puppy to buy and they said it’s an import

Is this a normal thing or unusual? He had the mom flown to someone in Russia to breed her, and then flying her back to America. Is this a good thing??
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2021.10.21 06:02 adaxpro We are thrilled to announce ADAX is integrating with Gero Wallet

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2021.10.21 06:02 Sexy_Australian What’s left after mining marble countertops from a mountain

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2021.10.21 06:02 Great-Ad540 Free Password Manager for Teams with LDAP Support

I'm looking for suggestions regarding an open-source (or free-to-use) password manager application for small teams. In an optimal word it would come as a docker container so we can easily run it on our Synology NAS.

Vaultwarden looked promising, but doesn't offer any team capabilities nor LDAP Support.
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2021.10.21 06:02 Suzamin Guys please help me i can't stop drawing Vamps

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2021.10.21 06:02 WashedBot DON'T Look At Your Ex's Stories - The Mail-In Podcast

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2021.10.21 06:02 VIRUS-AOTOXIN AT-Numbuh 841

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2021.10.21 06:02 attainmentofgrowth Questions about Eivors canon gender.

So, as the title says, I am curious as to what Eivors true gender is caconically. I was having a discussion with my friend who was adamant that Male Eivor was the only way to play the game, not because he simply liked male Eivor better, rather he meant you SHOULDN’T EVER play female Eivor because it “doesn’t make sense for the story”, even though I think Female Eivor is perfectly fine and even better is some cases then Male Eivor. I just want some clarity as to whether he’s right (I dont think he is) or not so we can put this aside. Thank you.
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2021.10.21 06:02 alphalogger We are The Flash

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2021.10.21 06:02 Immediate_Question99 ❇ BLUE NEO BSC ❇ Stealth Launch ❇ Listed On PancakeSwap ❇ ❇ Liquidity locked ❇

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💚 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.10.21 06:02 Impossible_Fly_6926 Is this article genuine or dubai sponsored ? :D

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2021.10.21 06:02 s_wardy_s I've not used PowerApps before and and was wondering about building a form in it

Hi guys/gals
As the title said I've not used PowerApps before and want to know if it's a good place to recreate this poor process I've been asked to fix at work.
Steps to consider:

  1. We have many different care departments
  2. When a case manager recommends a client should be moved from one care department to a different care department they:
  3. Fill in a form in MS Excel (none macro)
  4. Stores the prefilled Excel form in records management (Trim/Objective) for audit purposes
  5. Sends a link to the prefilled Excel form via Email to a supervisor for approval
  6. The supervisor opens the Excel form and either approves or denies the move, documents the decision in the Excel file and saves it back to records
  7. If approved then the supervisor sends a link to the file to the proposed care department supervisor and then that supervisor can either accept or deny it.
  8. Either decision is documented on the Excel form and saved to records management
  9. They then send an email to the originator of the request informing them of the decision
As you can see, using Excel for the form is a poor process. Also is saving this file to records at every step, seems like way more work than needed.
So I'm simply wanting to rebuild the process in a simple way.
Staff recommends client move via form > chooses supervisor from a search of users > on save the details are sent to supervisor in an email > email contains approve and deny button > if denied then reason added and record and form details saved in record management > if approved then email sent to next department supervisor > this email also contains the form details and two buttons, approve or deny > if denied then reason added and record and form details saved in record management > if approved the decision is sent to the original requester who processes the move and saves the details including the workflow decision into records
Because of sensitivity, we shouldn't be storing the details in a list. And each record is individual. They need to store a record of this transaction in the client records managements folder, regardless of the decision. Though I believe there should be no need to keep storing in records management until a final decision is made.
Thoughts? Is PowerApps a good place to build the process? and have the approval steps automated and an individual client record printed so it can be stored in record management for audit purposes?
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2021.10.21 06:02 Sweet-Layer I didn't the sales pitch. Too good to refuse!

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2021.10.21 06:02 Kind-Photograph-8913 My boyfriend dog has sadly passed away.

My boyfriend dog sadly passed away approximately a month ago. He is not taking the death very well.
He had a lump in his lung which turned out to be cancerous. The vet surgically removed the mass but sadly his dog died 6 days post op.
From the notes taken from his aftercare post op, shows his dog was very aggressive and on some days was unable to get his progress readings e.g his ECG.
Now my boyfriend is making out that his dog was “frightened” with the surgical setting of the vets; but this is further from the truth. His dog is aggressive in any setting, he’s tried to bite me 3 times unprovoked, I was literally just standing in the hallway I was actually frightened by him. My boyfriend niece was apparently not allowed to also be alone with this dog, his brother feared that this dog would bite her. I believe he would have to. I have even been a witness when this dog at least tried to bite my boyfriend (the owner) 5 times.
My boyfriend now wants to take legal action against the Vet who surgically removed his mass, as he believes I quote “killed him” he wishes to remove this vet and strip him from his profession, and he should get sacked.
Now I’m no Vet but I am a general Nurse soo I do understand some of these notes I don’t believe the Vet has done anything wrong considering his dog behaviour issues; I think they have done all they could considering his dog was aggressive they even gave the dog diazepam (antidepressant) to calm him down.
He only wants to listen to people who agree with him, he doesn’t want to hear out anything or anyone explaining that the Vet practice kept within its conduct, and provided him with the best care. I feel like I’m not allowed to remind him that his dog was aggressive and his behaviour was challenging. He doesn’t want to listen to even other vets who agree with his point of care.
He’s now wants to get a solicitor to take legal action against this Vet. Which I think is madness. I can’t help to think when they discover what his dog temperament this will be something else he can’t accept. He’s talking about his dog as “sweetest, lovely, loving” which is further from the reality of what his dog was like.
Now my boyfriend is asking for my support (I’ve remain silent and unbiased) I don’t think anyone else is telling him the reality, as my boyfriend would cut them out.
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2021.10.21 06:02 rulesforrebels @binance: Earn Up to 50% APY on $PIVX, $TROY and $VITE with #Binance Savings ➡️

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2021.10.21 06:02 Alina-6727 Let's check your knowledge of the UNT Token! Can you name which token type it is?

We take our community security seriously and have made every effort to ensure the security of the UNT token.
Here's a test to see how well you know the UNT Token! Can you name which token type it is?
#UnityNetwork #defi #dapp #dao #AMM #predictionmarket #blockchain #crypto #layer2 #scalingsolution
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2021.10.21 06:02 Weekly_Leek3645 FTL implementation

Hi guys,
We are into construction business and we are trying to cut down logistics expense involved in tile and wood.
We make ballpark 10 PO's on monthly basis for a supplier based on orders we receive on daily basis and they have different ship dates due to lead times on each material.
Since shipping is done from our end, we are trying to figure out on how to make an FTL rather than 10 LTL for each orders
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2021.10.21 06:02 QuantumG [SF/RF] The Quiet Carriage

Peter was just trying to get home after a long night drinking with his lifelong buddy Paul who had just finalized his divorce.
The cabin was quiet as they were both immersed in their social media, occasionally sharing stories and snide comments.
Paul: is that the bitch from the club?
Peter: nah, she was hotter than a thot
Paul: no, third row from the front
Peter: you want me to put on my glasses and look for you?
Paul: nah, I'll go
Peter was surprised at Paul's brashness, but it was a chance to use his face-match app, so he sent Paul the snaps of the girl he'd gotten at the bar.
He played back a video of the confrontation between Paul and the girl earlier in the evening... his phone had a parabolic.
Paul was approaching the front of the train.
As Peter switched to recording, he subconsciously noticed a few nearby passengers lift their heads, and a second later his air-drop list spiked.
In a pure Pavlovian response, he pressed the Share button, and blindly selected ALL.
What happened next was not a shock to anyone who had been using the Internet lately.
Each and every viewer received a "viewer discretion" popup, and Peter received a content warning, which he promptly dismissed by selecting 18+
At the same time he shared the earlier video. Viewers who wanted a little context could watch it in what was once called "picture in picture" but was now just a typical part of watching a stream.
Paul began to shout at the girl from the club. At first she didn't recognise him and that was more insulting to him than the dismissal he had received there.
Peter was smiling at the comments people were making and the one or two tips he had received.
Another content warning...
Paul's brother joined the stream. He would likely give them both separate lectures about the dangers of filming in public...
Peter was wondering what he'd do if anyone from his family joined, when the third content warning hit.
Now he had a decision to make, did he continue the stream and risk a ban or stop now?
It was at that moment Paul hit her.
There were audible groans when the stream stopped.
Various commuters felt the burden of having to lift their heads and look in the direction of the altercation.
Wendy, watching the stream from a carriage away, having pressed the Report button a few times... was no exception.
The doors between the carriages opened before the ancient speaker system had time to clear it's throat.
"All passengers remain seated."
The robots were coming. They'd take care of it. You'll only be in the way.
Peter put down his phone.
Paul put up his hands.
First to arrive was the standard dog-like robot armed with non-lethal weaponry. A compartment on its lower back opened.
Paul put on the pair of adult zip-cuffs and held his hands in front of the dog's eyes to show they had been sufficiently tightened.
Moments later the train pulled into the next station where security personnel were waiting.
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2021.10.21 06:02 PEPIPO76 Jaja fat gaz

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2021.10.21 06:02 KinkyAmra The word sandbox describing the game is nowhere to be found in any official page or social media.

I remember the marketing of the game.they marketed it as a sandbox game all the time.
but now they only use the word open world.i wonder why.
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2021.10.21 06:02 ddongbbang ideal suturing time?

hi! i just started learning how to suture. is there an ideal duration for it? yk something that would make attendings go "huh this kid is quite okay" lol thanks
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2021.10.21 06:02 permission777 What are your top three exercise recommendations to keep anyone's body in perfect health?

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2021.10.21 06:02 Laber_med_ned_voll LIVE VOR ORT+NEUESTE NEWS!

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2021.10.21 06:02 joesen_one Donghae - 'California Love' Recording Log #1 : Donghae Recording (211021)

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