10v10 mode has a problem. After this it will restart the game and log u off. Sometimes it lets u in join the game. But mostly not.

2021.10.21 05:49 PleaseMakeM4a4tap 10v10 mode has a problem. After this it will restart the game and log u off. Sometimes it lets u in join the game. But mostly not.

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2021.10.21 05:49 fuckingdipshit1 u/Diddlyono's cola catgirl (art by me, im not sorry)

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2021.10.21 05:49 FancyFireDrake Figuring Out A Clue [Yang Chain]

[Just to inform everyone I took a look at the timeline. This and the whole 'Rescue Ruby' situation takes place officially after Yangs Undertale Jump (Which happened after Persona 3 and Fate Grand Order). I will post on here eventually what happened there but for now don't be surprised regarding why Chara and Asriel are Yangs companions or the like.]
"You know when I gave you that beacon to contact me I thought you'd use it because of an alien invasion or some shit, not because of a pop quiz." Rick Sanchez said to the Jumper.
She merely shrugged "Sorry to disappoint you then."
He shrugged right back. "Meh it's fine. I'm more frustrated by how I... can't do ANYTHING with any of this shit."
The Jumper massaged her forehead.
They have been trying to figure out what that clue meant for days now.
Yang barely understood half of what Ruby was saying. But she had to stay focused. Ruby somehow managed to give her some hint towards putting an end to this mess and she couldn't just let an opportunity like this slide. She owed her to find out what Ruby meant.
Looking at her notes for the millionth time, she analysed every word she wrote down.
The Last Moment.
"What does it mean?"
Adam was scared of her. Why? Because she was actively looking for him? There were dozens of Jumpers she could name that would give him a bigger reason to be worried. No there had to be a reason bigger than that.
All of her companions had joined in. Blake was reviewing her own history with Adam, same with Chara and Asriel. Leone was helping Zero and Yorha analyze the message. Minako and Aigis were going through Jumpdcos Cleo gave to them for clues, Yang figured there could be a chance anything referred to a Perk, and Jumpchan herself investigated Diablo for anything she may have missed.
Leaving her to ponder over the message itself, deciding to summon some company.
She really hadn't expected to befriend Rick... alas here they were. And not just them.
"When you told me you had a Jumper to kill I never thought it would be this bad." Morty noted still cringing despite the horrors he too had seen over their adventures.
"Its a chaotic multiverse. By this point we should just be thankful this didn't happen to any of us yet." Eyepatch morty replied.
This was the end of their conversation and Yang laser focused on the message again.
Last Moment.
Was the Puzzle a metaphor? What last moment? the last moment she spend on Remnant? When she escaped her prison? Why did it scare Adam?
Puzzle. Last Moment. Scared.
Yangs eyes widened. She remembered something.
She had seen Adams body from every angle possible... but something came into her view one day. A Puzzle piece shaped scar. It looked so... strange on him.
The Puzzle Piece. Cleo told her about the Saw Gauntlet, that you lose a 'piece of yourself' for all eternity and that no power in the omniverse can erase that scar in the event of failure.
Of course! This had to be it!
if she could find the piece he lost to this... Jumper testing Jigsaw-
"WE FOUND IT!" Minako screamed as she and Aigis ran into the command center of the Bunker.
"You did!?" Yang, the Morty's and Rick spoke.
With a proud smile Minako slammed a note in front of the blonde. "You were right one of these things WAS referring to a Perk!"
Yang swipped the note for herself and read it at record speed.
[1000] The Last Moment Some Daemons and Warp entities are particularly hard to kill, due to the stories and narratives they are shaped by. Qaramar, a Great Unclean One of Nurgle, was particularly troublesome, for he was fated to be at the last moment of existence. This condition made him immensely difficult to kill without meeting this particular condition to his end, but he came close to true death nonetheless. The same cannot be said for you. The condition that must be met before the possibility of true death is absolute. You may choose a condition that must be met before another has the possibility to kill you permanently. This condition, however, must not be truly impossible to meet and must be theoretically possible in some way, and not expire nor have a time limit placed upon it. If the condition does become completely impossible to fulfill in a future jump, then the protection granted by this perk is forfeit for as long as that remains true. In this event, you may choose a new condition for this perk.
...That was an insanely busted version of immortality. Literally absolute unless one condition was met? Hell this might be the one of the most busted immortalities in Jumpchain as far as she knew, and this was without considering any other Immortalities Adam might have...
Ruby told her about this perk for a reason.
And as soon as Yang saw it... analysed the ramifications of it... a light went on in her head.
"Scared." she mumbled. "He has no reason to be scared of me, as I am I couldn't touch him. Unless..."
Unless she was part of the reason he was immortal to begin with.
This condition for the Perk to work... it had to have something to do with her!
THAT'S why he didn't just kill her and absorb her soul. THAT'S why he kept her alive. Its not just that Adam wanted her to suffer... he COULDN'T kill her! Her existence somehow guaranteed that the Perk would work since whatever was required for his death... it could happen as long as she was alive to do it.
Somehow... this filled her with more hope than anything before.
This, THIS was proof. Undeniable proof that Adam COULD die. And that SHE could deliver it.
Maybe only she.
Calming herself down, collecting her thoughts, she thanked Ruby in her mind. "Thank you sis. I promise I make sure this wont be for nothing."
"Call everyone into the Bunker. Including Jumpchan." Yang announced to Minako, resolve shining in purple eyes. She had a plan. But first... maybe she could get another clue if she could speak to this special Jigsaw... which meant.
"Its about time I try my hand at a Gauntlet."
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2021.10.21 05:49 Competitive-Cow-8055 What Was The First Coin You Ever Bought? And Do You Still Hodl It?

Over the years there have been many coins that have caught peoples eyes that have introduced them into the cryptocurrency space, These coins include Bitcoin, Doge coin, Shiba uni, Ethereum etc and Im sure there is a ton of more that i could have mentioned.
Personally for me the coin that first got me into crypto was Bitcoin! i bought it at $10,000 and am still holding to this day and have no plans of selling any time soon!
So my question is what is the first coin you ever bought? and are you still holding it?
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2021.10.21 05:49 WishOdd3763 F,fm,r

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2021.10.21 05:49 iLazyAF She loves her dad

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2021.10.21 05:49 Human_Tip_4709 Is oral sex perfomed on women as rare as women online say it is? How do they accept that without feeling vaginas are not appreciated by straight men? People say the reason is male selfishness, but gay men are men & they commonly give blowjobs. So it's only about vaginas. Tell me if this is true!

This stuff made me hate my vagina and also hate women and men. Because women accept it all and men would never accept it if blowjobs were uncommon. Maybe women aren't too keen on their vaginas to begin with, whereas men love their "manhood."
I lost sex drive and sexual attraction knowing that men don't appreciate vaginas. I see attractive men now and think about all the women who said oral sex is not common and blowjobs are expected, and I just feel nothing towards the men and feel sad.
How do other women not feel bothered by it and it not effect their attraction? Is any of what I said true for the majority? It made me feel inadequate and depressed about having a vagina.
Why are vaginas an issue?
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2021.10.21 05:49 lawinchen looking for a Team-Time-Management-Tool

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2021.10.21 05:49 QuailAbject I feel like the ground is moving

I feel like the ground is moving me. Whether I'm lying down when I'm trying to sleep or doing my day to day tasks, I could feel it happen randomly. The moving ranges from very light and subtle shaking to the point where I question if I even feel it to small swanky movements, kind of like when you move to the tune of a song that you like. It lasts from 10~30 seconds each time. I get enough sleep. I'm near 20, and I don't take recreational drugs. I started experiencing this less than 2 months ago. It becomes hard to sleep when the shaking occurs, and it becomes difficult to maintain focus when I'm doing tasks when this occurs. I went the logical path at first and assumed that it might be earthquakes but took some time to convince myself that it's not. There is no pain when I move, sometimes I could get a bit dizzy but this is really annoying me to the point where I could lose some of my temper in confusion as to why I'm feeling this. I really hope that someone has advice for this
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2021.10.21 05:49 JHn1980 Just Thoughts - The Hopeless Flesh 2021

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2021.10.21 05:49 georgios82 Double Wishbone Suspension on ma-020 - Clearance issues with 90mm bodies?

Hey guys, so I am thinking to upgrade my ma-020 with a rear DWS and I was wondering if this upgrade would cause any clearance issues with 90mm bodies that would otherwise fit the ma-020. Anyone has experience on that?
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2021.10.21 05:49 hipofighter Grand Canal at night.

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2021.10.21 05:49 Fantasybabydino (question) loading screen sounds

so i've noticed everytime you start a new game, there is a loading screen accompanied by a sound and im trying to find a specific one. is there a list of these sounds or just some info on them?
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2021.10.21 05:49 gatorboi69420 Offer: #4 Nude XL GC2B Half Tank Binder

I'm looking for a #5 XXL nude half tank, but other colors also work. I ordered in the wrong size, but I'm past the return date. The binder is like new, and has only been worn once or twice. I'll be washing it before I send it out I can send pics.
note - I can only ship to continental us to do shipping costs
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2021.10.21 05:49 EarlyGreys Spotted in the wild: The news of Pest continues to spread. His mugshot smirk still makes my blood boil.

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2021.10.21 05:49 Shandriel Which method to roll for stats do you prefer? (read text first!)

After the previous poll turned out to be a huge success, and the comments were very interesting, I decided to make a new poll for stat rolling. I read hundreds of the comments and tried to find the most common methods that people know for stat rolling.
If you think stat rolling is bad, or want people to suffer if they have a streak of bad luck with a single rolled set, please just click the last option and go on your merry way.

This should also help new DMs to maybe find an interesting approach to stat rolling to make it more fun, fair, balanced, etc.
Since nearly 5k people voted in support of at least 1 re-roll, and most comments hinted at systems where you do not have to live with bad rolls, I'll leave the "roll once and suck it up" option out.

To keep the poll options short:
The vast majority of comments suggested rolling 4d6 and keeping the highest three. I call this "4d6kh3". A "set" means that you roll "4d6kh3" for all basic stats.
All the options allow for you to freely assign the roll to a stat.
The minimum score is the sum of all rolls BEFORE racial traits.
I know that many comments mentioned combinations of these options, especially with the minimum score option. (So, if you are supporting one specifically, but insist on having the minimum score option, assume that it's always included!)

Example for a 6x6 matrix: (in bold and italics is one option that might be very interesting for most players)

10 12 18 8 5 11
7 11 10 7 12 16
8 7 12 11 14 15
15 8 13 12 16 6
17 10 10 17 11 12
12 14 17 14 9 10

Here's the explanation to the Options:
  1. Free for all: Everyone rolls one set with 4d6kh3; everyone can pick a set on the table for his stats. Most might end up picking the same set, so a balanced round.
  2. 6x6 Matrix: Everyone rolls one set of 4d6kh3, the DM rolls the remainder to get 6 sets on the table. Rolls are listed in order. A matrix of 6x6 is written and everyone at the table can pick any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal 6 rolls from that matrix. This gives a huge amount of options and PCs stats will be fairly even.
  3. Heroic stats: Everyone rolls a set with 4d6kh3, but every 1 can be re-rolled. Nobody can get less than a 6 on their lowest score. Alternative: Everyone rolls 2d6 +6. That also ensures that nobody gets very low stats. (with or without minimum score option)
  4. Minimum score: You can re-roll the entire set (6 x 4d6kh3) until you reach or surpass a set minimum score of 70+/-2 (72 being standard array); (often accompanied by a maximum score you must not surpass) - some DMs limit this to a single re-roll and offer the player to take point buy or standard array if they are still unhappy.
  5. 6 out of 7: Roll an extended set of 7 ( seven times 4d6kh3) and ditch the lowest roll. Alternative to this: You roll two entire sets (4d6kh3 six times) and you keep the better set of the two. (with or without minimum score option)
  6. Basic mode: If you don't like rolling for stats at all, this is your option. Many prefer using point buy, or an extended version of that (giving more points, allowing for higher than 15, allowing for a higher maximum ability sum, etc.) or simply want to use the standard array. That's totally fine.

The "hardcore" rules that some DMs mentioned in the comments of the previous poll unfortunately didn't make it into this one, because I'm limited to 6 options.
View Poll
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