Lost outpost

2021.10.21 05:34 Thomasg_art Lost outpost

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2021.10.21 05:34 420lemoncookie Nitrofurantoin Macrobid macrocrystals-monohydrate 100 mg oral capsule reaction.

Five days ago I was prescribed Nitrofurantoin for a uti through Teladoc. I started intensely itching three days ago and now I’m very bloated and have recurring bouts of breathlessness. I only have two capsules left and I can’t afford to go to the doctor. Should I quit taking them or just finish the dose? Please help me
(23F, 5’5 170lbs smoker)
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2021.10.21 05:34 ZoolShop Global music management company to help choose UK’s 2022 Eurovision entry

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2021.10.21 05:34 BinBoyTheRobloxxer Sup guys

I just joined this community beacause i thought the fan made one was the real one, Turns out it isn't.
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2021.10.21 05:34 ApprehensiveUsual186 New york boy looking for jersey girl

We lost connection:( I hope everything goes well for you on the 28th
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2021.10.21 05:34 imtara12 US : $100 off your First Order of Hellofresh

US : $100 off your First Order of Hellofresh,
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2021.10.21 05:34 Better-Coffee Making my contributions to the conversation

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2021.10.21 05:34 TheRealTimolition Halloween Events coming soon! - From MQs Twitter

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2021.10.21 05:34 james33299 Truck maker Volvo profit beats forecast, but chip woes linger

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2021.10.21 05:34 bobo14988 PC - WTT Kirk Class for Galor + Infinity prize ship.

Drop me a message.
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2021.10.21 05:34 broomshed So small his weight doesn’t press the keys

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2021.10.21 05:34 malonkey1 I'm sorry i ever doubted you, Cody Johnston

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2021.10.21 05:34 immibis Wokists try to cancel heterosexuality

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2021.10.21 05:34 Kleecarim Angular singleton service is undefined when injected in guard but works in navbar component

I am currently writing a project with a singleton service that handles my auth requests and saves the auth status and userdata (isLoggedIn, name and a boolean to indicate a special role). My service works just fine when I call it in the navbar to display the username and hide the login/regitser buttons. Whenever I call it in my guard though it returns undefined. Earlier this week I made this post but none of the solutions helped me.
The even weirder thing is that once my guard calls the service, the entire service is undefined, meaning that the navbar also does not display the username anymore.
So far I have tried: 1) Initialising the service before the guard
2) adding the HttpClient in the AppInitializer object dependencies in my app.modules providers[] array
3) Changin the singleton service to be provided by the app module and removing the providedIn root
I probably tried other fixes, too, but those are the ones I remember trying for sure.
What I can say for sure about this bug:
1) the service is initialised when the app loads, the guard is initialised when it is called.
2) both service and guard exist as a singleton, there arent multiple instances of any of them
3) the services htp calls works
4) other components can access the services data, only the authGuard behaves in a weird way

My app module:

import { NgModule } from '@angulacore'; import { BrowserModule } from '@angulaplatform-browser'; import { FormsModule, ReactiveFormsModule } from '@angulaforms' import { HttpClient, HttpClientModule } from '@angulacommon/http'; import { AppRoutingModule } from './app-routing.module'; import { AppComponent } from './app.component'; import { WebsocketService } from './services/websocket.service'; import { PageNotFoundComponent } from './page-not-found/page-not-found.component'; import { LoginComponent } from './auth/login/login.component'; import { RegisterComponent } from './auth/registeregister.component'; import { NavbarComponent } from './navbanavbar.component'; import { HomeComponent } from './home/home.component'; import { OrderComponent } from './ordeorder.component'; import { BrowserAnimationsModule } from '@angulaplatform-browseanimations'; import { MatInputModule } from '@angulamaterial/input'; import { RestaurantmanagementComponent } from './restaurantmanagement/restaurantmanagement.component'; import { AuthService } from './services/auth.service'; import { APP_INITIALIZER } from '@angulacore'; import { groupBy, delay} from 'rxjs/operators'; import { of } from 'rxjs'; @NgModule({ declarations: [ AppComponent, PageNotFoundComponent, LoginComponent, RegisterComponent, NavbarComponent, HomeComponent, OrderComponent, RestaurantmanagementComponent, ], imports: [ BrowserModule, AppRoutingModule, FormsModule, ReactiveFormsModule, HttpClientModule, BrowserAnimationsModule, MatInputModule ], providers: [ WebsocketService, { provide: APP_INITIALIZER, useFactory: () => () => { //return of(true).pipe(delay(5000)); }, deps: [AuthService, HttpClient], multi: true, }, ], bootstrap: [AppComponent] }) export class AppModule { } 
my guard:
import { Injectable } from '@angulacore'; import { ActivatedRouteSnapshot, CanActivate, Router, RouterStateSnapshot, UrlTree } from '@angularouter'; import { AuthService } from '../services/auth.service'; import { Observable } from 'rxjs'; import { User } from '../interfaces/user'; @Injectable({ providedIn: 'root' }) export class AuthGuard implements CanActivate { constructor (protected auth: AuthService, private router: Router){ console.trace('AuthGuard initialized!'); } canActivate( route: ActivatedRouteSnapshot, state: RouterStateSnapshot ): boolean{ let isAuthenticated : boolean = this.auth.isLoggedIn(); console.trace(isAuthenticated) if(!isAuthenticated){ this.router.navigate(['/login']) } return isAuthenticated; } } 
My service:
import { Injectable } from '@angulacore'; import { HttpClient, HttpResponseBase } from '@angulacommon/http'; import { environment } from 'src/environments/environment'; import { Observable, of } from 'rxjs'; import { tap, map, catchError, mapTo } from 'rxjs/operators'; import { HttpResponse } from '@angulacommon/http'; import { User } from '../interfaces/user'; /* Todo: use shop instead of injecting the singleton service with its properties https://www.learnrxjs.io/ */ @Injectable({ providedIn: 'root' }) export class AuthService{ private user : User; private loggedIn : boolean; constructor(protected http: HttpClient) { console.trace("initialised auth service") } tryRegister(data : any): Observable>{ return this.http.post(environment.server + environment.routes.authRoutes.register, data, { withCredentials: true, observe: 'response' }) } tryLogin(data : any): Observable { return this.http.post(environment.server + environment.routes.authRoutes.login, data, { withCredentials: true, observe: 'response' }).pipe( tap(res => { //set the user object and loggedIn to true this.user = { isWirt: res.body?.isWirt!, name: res.body?.name! } this.loggedIn = true; console.log(this.user) console.log(this.loggedIn) }), mapTo('success'), catchError((err) => { console.log('err ' + err); if(err?.status == 401){ return of('not verified') } else if(err?.status == 403){ return of('wrong username/password') } return of('something went wrong') }) ); } tryLogout(): Observable>{ this.user = { name: "", isWirt: false } this.loggedIn = false; return this.http.post(environment.server + environment.routes.authRoutes.logout, "", { withCredentials: true, observe: 'response' }) } getUser(): User { return this.user; } isLoggedIn(): boolean{ //console.trace(this.loggedIn) return this.loggedIn; } } 
My router (i doubt that it is at fault but I cannot know for sure) :
import { NgModule } from '@angulacore'; import { RouterModule, Routes } from '@angularouter'; import { PageNotFoundComponent } from './page-not-found/page-not-found.component'; import { HomeComponent } from './home/home.component'; import { LoginComponent } from './auth/login/login.component'; import { RegisterComponent } from './auth/registeregister.component'; import { OrderComponent } from './ordeorder.component'; import { AuthGuard } from './guards/auth.guard'; import { RestaurantmanagementComponent } from './restaurantmanagement/restaurantmanagement.component'; import { WirtGuard } from './guards/wirt.guard'; const routes: Routes = [ { path: '', component: HomeComponent }, { path: 'home', redirectTo: ''}, { path: 'login', component: LoginComponent, }, { path: 'register', component: RegisterComponent }, { path: 'order', component: OrderComponent, canActivate: [AuthGuard]}, { path: 'mgmt', component: RestaurantmanagementComponent, canActivate: [WirtGuard]}, { path: '**', component: PageNotFoundComponent }, ]; @NgModule({ imports: [RouterModule.forRoot(routes)], exports: [RouterModule] }) export class AppRoutingModule { } 
If it helps, I can set up a stackblitz project and try to replicate the bug
I am really lost here, I tried fixing this the whole week, but I dont have the slightest clue of what causes this problem
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2021.10.21 05:34 Cultural_Attache Pablo Picasso’s Life Under Surveillance

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2021.10.21 05:34 Thiccshake69 Let's see how this goes

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2021.10.21 05:34 james33299 Swedbank profit tops forecast as commission income hits record

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2021.10.21 05:34 Alba_an_Aigh Greatest Hits

It’s been nearly 18 years (I know right?) since the last greatest hits album. If an updated version was to drop before the new album, what would be your track listing?
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2021.10.21 05:34 jsw_23 Isten nyugosztalja Csíkszentmihályi Mihályt.

Úgy gondolom a flow fogalom megalkotásával nagyban hozzájárult a tudományos diskurzushoz. (Az hogy nem itthon érte el az eredményeit, már lerágott csont, szóval azt javaslom ne ebből az irányból közelítsük meg a dolgot.)
Számotokra mi adja meg ezt a flow érzést? Mi az a tevékenység, ami teljesen elszigetel a külvilágtól és szimplán jó érzéssel tölt el?
Hogyan határoznátok meg a flow élmény saját példákon keresztül?
Mit tanácsoltok egy olyan embernek, aki még nem érezte a "flowt"?
Végül egy idézet: "Sokan azt gondolják, hogy boldogabbak olyankor, amikor pihennek vagy relaxálnak. Ehhez képest nagyobb valószínűséggel számolnak be arról, hogy a legnagyobb boldogságot akkor élik át, ha elmerülnek egy tevékenységben, vagy teljesen elköteleződnek amellett, hogy megküzdjenek egy kihívással."
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2021.10.21 05:34 Charchickens2112 Julia in a White Dress

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2021.10.21 05:34 Regent182 Visual Novels for Console

I have a ps4 and XSX
Already played the Danganronpa, Ace Attorney, and Zero Escape series. Not gonna play Doki Doki Literature Club because I read spoilers so the element of surprise is gone. I would also prefer it if they are not as dark as the VNs listed.
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2021.10.21 05:34 FLoaf Found this sub and just had to share my boy.

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2021.10.21 05:34 BagerCast Yeseo [9IRLS NI9HT A9IT Behind Photos]

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2021.10.21 05:34 mkramh Looking for the best destination to travel to

I'm a 26yo guy who decided to shake up his routine driven life a bit to remind myself about life :) I'm looking for a destination to travel to in Latin-America in mid Nov for a month or two. I'll have to strech my money a bit for that in order to stay there for such period of time (maybe some volunteering for some period as well), but that's fine since I'm not looking for a convenient and touristy trip but more of a chance to be in a new environment for a while compared to Europe, meet interesting people and culture and experience some new situations and different way of life. Meaning that adventure should be a big part and comfort is mostly secondary.

Any recommendations are welcome on that brief description on which destination to look to... Right now I'm thinking Mexico (starting in Mexico City) or even more - Argentina (Buenos Aires) which seems more expensive but also very vibrant and a damn cool place to be.

But since I've never been to the Americas, all insight is more than welcome!
Thank you very much in advance for any advice!
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2021.10.21 05:34 sparklysparkler looking for bunny slippers!

name ur price :)
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