Have you, an atheist, ever had to nurse another atheist on their death bed? What did you say to comfort them about what would happen after death, given that you both don’t believe in an afterlife, or god?

2021.10.21 04:26 wivsta Have you, an atheist, ever had to nurse another atheist on their death bed? What did you say to comfort them about what would happen after death, given that you both don’t believe in an afterlife, or god?

Adherence to traditional religion provides some comfort to those who are about to die, as there is the belief in an afterlife, and God (in most major religions). If you’ve had to spend time with another atheist who is on their death bed, what comfort did you provide? Someone told me they told their mother to “enjoy her dirt nap” which honestly still sounds like an afterlife to me, because if you believe we are finite beings you acknowledge that we can’t enjoy anything after death as we cease to exist.
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2021.10.21 04:26 redditdabest6699 This sub is a gold mine

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2021.10.21 04:26 catsdown Trading - Horde Classic gold for (any realm) Retail gold

If anybody on Horde in Yojamba has gold on Retail they want to trade please send me a message.
Mates and I want to buy WoW tokens and happy to trade Classic gold for them.
200k retail = 1k TBC.
500k retail = 3k TBC.
1M retail = 7k TBC
We only play on Horde in Yojamba. Thank you.
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2021.10.21 04:26 need_for_dababycar Practicing gratitude doesn't seem to work at all this week

This week has been weird. I'm doing all my excersices in order to stay grateful, but they're not doing it for me somehow. I feel unhappy, unsatisfied, and especially sad. I'm so confused why I feel so different than before. It also feels like I miss my ex even more recently. I don't like the way things are going currently, like, at all.
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2021.10.21 04:26 SpizdiL Актуальное.

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2021.10.21 04:26 just_a_dilemma Constructing a device for the Hallowed Month of October

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2021.10.21 04:26 Signal-Brief6842 I put my mask on and it immediately feels like I’m suffocating and can’t breath

I can’t keep it on for more than 2 seconds without just ripping it off. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m getting even WORSE sleep with the machine I am constantly waking up feeling like I’m dying from not being able to breath and mask makes it WORSE.
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2021.10.21 04:26 gorlak120 how to contact square enix support

Anyone had this happen before. I'm trying to update my email address for an account i made last year. been playing it the last month or so getting into the game. went to try to update the email address so i could upgrade and purchase but I don't ever receive the new confirmation email for the new updated address. checked junk folder, waited days and the emails just never show up. emails never show up - to a gmail address.
support only replies to the email listed on the account which i have no idea of the password for the account. is there a hidden 'chat with a support person' somewhere that I'm missing?
I'm on a trial account right now and wanted to upgrade my account. This seems like a chicken and the egg kinda deal.
any ideas other than abandoning the account entirely?
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2021.10.21 04:26 WheelieBin1504 PsBattle: thought this would be fun to do

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2021.10.21 04:26 ButterscotchFar9355 Are memes allowed?

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2021.10.21 04:26 thunderemperor2024 My school got 40 3070s!!

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2021.10.21 04:26 theimpost If we get a Dante miniseries, will the bonus episode(s) cover Eerie Indiana?

Because I'm here for that.
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2021.10.21 04:26 whampsteadchap Scottish bank note with shopping list (from 2006)

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2021.10.21 04:26 mhs619 Cooler Master ML240R on LGA 1700

Hello. i've been using ML240R AIO with my Intel i7 4770k (LGA 1150) and now I'm thinking of upgrading to Intel's 12th gen so is there any news on ML240R supporting the LGA 1700 socket with a bracket? I mean other companies already announced they will provide a bracket or something for their old coolers to support the new socket. So is there any news on Cooler Master's end?
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2021.10.21 04:26 zoer222 Bsc Gem #Antx Elon Musk

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2021.10.21 04:26 sintrixy Loved Shadeslinger & The Land series, any similiar recommendations?

I absolutely loved Shadeslinger, The Land and God's Eye -series, listened to each at least twice, then bought and listened to Dungeoncrawler Carl. But found it a bit too immature for me to listen to at work on speakers(I mostly work alone) Can anyone recommend some good LitRPGs that aren't completely immature? Not that it has to take itself too serious, I do love some good jokes and humour of course. :)
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2021.10.21 04:26 Blade_Dance0 Good old days.

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2021.10.21 04:26 Jxxyxz OMG Im loving this sm!!!!!

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2021.10.21 04:26 supfuh First time installing a dashcam hardwired, everythings done except the wiring/crimping to the add-a-fuse part. Because.. the circuit/continuity tester is not lighting up for any of the fuses I test. Yet everything is working.

Hi everyone,
I couldn't find anything online so thought I'd ask here - I am installing a dash cam using the hardwired setup and got everything ready to go and now I have to power the device. So the yellow wire goes to a fuse that is always on and the red wire goes to a fuse that is on when the ignition is on.

So I bought a circuit testeprobe and I poke each of dimples on all of the fuses in the cabin fuse box, and none of them light up. The probe works, since I can do a basic test on it and it lights up.

Does anyone possibly know why the tester won't light up for not a single fuse?
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2021.10.21 04:26 Ryhonn Problem with Riders Republic Trial

I wanted to try out the game, so I started it up on Stadia. But I immediately get a message about being disconnected, and a timer shows 0 hours 0 minutes left. Since Stadia is running smoothly, it quite obviously can’t be my connection. Anyone else having similar problems?
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2021.10.21 04:26 dvdung1997 I seem to consistently be matched up against a-holes who are more than willing to swerve right into me now that I’ve risen to League 2…

TLDR: My recent opponents in League 2 kept intentionally hitting me and I need advice on how to consistently avoid that
My car isn’t the best in the world (having no parts at level 5 or higher and only 44 R&D points will do that to ya) but it seems to do decent in straights. So whenever I get a lower grid position during Grid Start (especially prominent during my rise to League 2 yesterday), I tend to be able to catch up to my opponent no problem (not having a good or perfect start would be slower, but still doable)
The problem though comes when my car gets within the side-by-side area of my opponent’s. A lot of the people I got matched up with lately are surprisingly comfortable with swerving any bit of their car towards me. I learned it the hard way yesterday when one swung their rear at my front wing and sent me flying on the same spot before the ghosting system could even kick in
In my latest duel, someone even swerved their entire car out of the racing line and into me once I caught up with them. I ended up having to steer towards them a bit as well in hopes of triggering the ghosting system myself. Which it thankfully did and his oversteer caused him to hit the far-side barrier while I managed to get out scot-free (and it was at Singapore too so I was stressful enough just thinking about all the tight corners I had to make in dimly-lit conditions before all that BS)
Anyone has any tips on how to punish that sort of behaviour when on the receiving end of it?
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2021.10.21 04:26 Patient-Plastic UTOPISCH

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2021.10.21 04:26 Lost_madfut Anyone need 85/86 icons and have 90+ icons? For one 90+ Icon I need I would give 3 85/86 Icons, dm if you interested

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2021.10.21 04:26 salzord Late in the journey, how to meaningfully value an additional year(s) in the workforce/accumulating more

One recurring theme here is the temptation to stay one more year in the workforce, because in those late years the portfolio is growing the most on its own. And you are likely earning the most too.
Obviously this can become a problem. i wanted to ask if anyone has a mental framework they use to narrow down and say "yes, one additional year is worth it" or "no, it isn't"
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2021.10.21 04:26 Goldfishtml MIA GLADSTONE — Hold It Down [Indie] (2019)

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