Shiny Chaining Help

2021.11.29 19:58 KassieRoo23 Shiny Chaining Help

I'm having a really difficult time with using the Poke radar. The chain always seems to break and I can't get above 5 chain, with one exception where it got to 9. I try follow the old rules of "don't go onto an edge tile, always choose a square 4 or more steps away" but the chain always breaks, unless that's just really stupidly bad luck. Any tips?
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2021.11.29 19:58 thel1ttlestbunny just getting back into makeup, what do you think?? :))

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2021.11.29 19:58 PartyIsHerePossibly What tokens are you guys looking forward to buying on Saitamask?

There are only a few I know. What do you guys think?
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2021.11.29 19:58 ibeawuchi LFG!!!

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2021.11.29 19:58 MrShady07 What did you Murder Drones fans expect?

A lot of you are upset that Murder Drones isn't likely to get a full season when Glitch themed up with Liam. AKA the one creator that never finishes a show. I completely expected this of him from the beginning. But we'll see what happens.
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2021.11.29 19:58 GemiiniiGames When I asked my not 'interested in pokemon' GF to name my Turtwig

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2021.11.29 19:58 b1gba1oo What am I doing wrong?

I try and charge the plasma pistol and then it just doesn't shoot when I let go. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
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2021.11.29 19:58 toptoyouyoutube Rep. Omar hangs up on Rep. Boebert after tense phone call - Fox News

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2021.11.29 19:58 UltraTax Orthodontics in early 2022 - Dental Insurance Options

After much searching, I couldn't find anyone who had UnitedHealthCare High for their orthodontics care. I am getting orthodontics care starting January 2022 and would like to select the best dental insurance for my needs. The proposal treatment (all inclusive) is $8,300, which is admittedly above average but is with the best orthodontist in HCOL city.
I see that UnitedHealthCare High pays 50% plan allowance, up to lifetime maximum for orthodontics of $4,000. After consideration of the premiums, UnitedHealthCare High seems to be the best, with 2nd place being GEHA High (pays 70% plan allowance, up to lifetime = $3,500). However, my search through this reddit indicates that a lot of people go with GEHA High or some other plan. I haven't found anyone who uses UnitedHealthCare High and I am second guessing myself now. Is there a reason no one is using UnitedHealthCare High?
My orthodontist is not in-network (for UHC and GEHA) FYI, if this info is needed.

I really appreciate any recommendations and insights on this matter. Thank you!
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2021.11.29 19:58 Luma889 It's Just the meme quality

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2021.11.29 19:58 spencerwi91 👋

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2021.11.29 19:58 MikaRaun Watch Brittany Runs a Marathon (FREE)

Link to watch the full movie:
Enjoy it! ❤
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2021.11.29 19:58 Wise_Today_7003 What are some of the most creepy/disturbing episodes in your opinion?

What are some episodes you find the most disturbing? You can either like or hate the episodes in mind or feel in the middle. I don't mind.
Here's some of mine.
I Was a Teenage Gary (The scenes of everyone turning to snails were definitely unpleasant in my opinion. I thought the episode was okay but definitely on the weaker side of pre-movie in my opinion)
The Great Snail Race (Gary exploding and crashing like he did alone made the episode kind of uneasy in my opinion. This is the only true dud of the first three seasons in my opinion)
Squidtastic Voyage (We get to see inside Squidward. This includes his brain, his nose filled with snot and even his stomach. I actually like this episode but Patrick being stupid prevented me from liking the episode more)
SpongeHenge (Most of the episode was creepy enough but the ending alone made the episode full on disturbing in my opinion. I also really hate this episode and consider it one of the worst of Season 5)
The Splinter (Well here's a no brainer. the splinter itself, especially when swollen was extremely unpleasant. Not helping was when Mr. Krabs pulled out the splinter and got the disgusting pus all over him and the floor. This is in my top 10 least favorite episodes of the entire show)
Squid's Visit (The fact that SpongeBob was somehow able to copy Squidward's house to the extremely nitty-gritty of details is...I don't even know. What I do know is that I also hate this episode)
Back to the Past (The only reason this is here was because we see that the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy we knew died in the episode with gravestones to boot. Something about that didn't sit right with me. Regardless, I actually love this episode a lot and easily consider it one of the best Season 7 episodes)
Earworm (SpongeBob went full on CRAZY in this episode and it was certainly interesting if creepy to see just how mad SpongeBob really became. I don't LOVE this episode but I still thought it was pretty good, especially for Season 7)
Bumper to Bumper (The "focus on the road" scenes were...something. I thought the episode was decent right up until the ending)
Code Yellow (There were literally scenes of SpongeBob cutting off Squidward's body parts so of course the episode had to be on my list. Regardless of that, I actually really like this one and consider it on the stronger side of Season 10)
Krabby Patty Creature Feature (An episode about everyone turning into Krabby Patty/fish monster hybrids absolutely deserves to be on a lost of the most disturbing episodes. I thought the episode was a really good Halloween episode that I'll certainly be watching every Halloween)
The Goofy Newbie (The episode was going smoothly until the ending where Patrick gets brain freeze and it freezes the whole world for 5,000,000,000 years. What? I also thought the episode was mediocre)
My Two Krabses (This episode has SpongeBob and Patrick making a weird chum dude and passing it off as Mr. Krabs after they think he melted in his tanning booth. I didn't like this one. It was too weird for it's own good in my opinion)

This is all I have for now.
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2021.11.29 19:58 JousanPR Reaper ⚫️🟢

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2021.11.29 19:58 Bone_Her_Sauce I’m in a disgusting situation with a clogged toilet and could use some help

So, long story short my toilet actually clogged from poop alone (I have a bowel issue) and i actually didn’t know it clogged until after I added toilet paper and stuff..oh and I dropped a shaving razor In the toilet..and the toilet is still clogged..what do I do?
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2021.11.29 19:58 toptoyouyoutube MLB Free Agent Tracker: Max Scherzer to New York Mets on record-breaking deal | FOX Sports

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2021.11.29 19:58 dirtylog Willow, me, oil on canvas 6x6 in. , 2021

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2021.11.29 19:58 ExtHD Fake News Media Claims 5X Increase in Healthy World-Class Athletes Who Suddenly Collapse Holding Their Chest is Just a “Coincidence” and Nothing to “Panic” Over

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2021.11.29 19:58 letsgocrazy I don't understand how everyone is having so much success. I staked about 500 USD 3 weeks ago, it's worth about 300 USD now and I have 2,400,419.73062 vvs staked. What the hell am I doing wrong?

I put it in the mines on auto compound.
Maybe I just don't understand something fundamental.
I get that some whales took some value early on, but how are people coming in now making so much and I'm making nothing, I've lost so much?
I would really appreciate some help.
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2021.11.29 19:58 safetymilk ITAP of Tofino just after rainfall

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2021.11.29 19:58 ctalbot15 No snow in AZ, so we compromised with the sticker snowman

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2021.11.29 19:58 Norm_808 Potential Swing CPIX. Currently up 128% with positive news
Like always wait till the last 10 minutes of pre-market to see how it closes then get in for the overnight gap up. I doubt this will hold its gains so be sure to get out in the early morning pop up. Best of luck All
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2021.11.29 19:58 recipeOfCucumber Can dopamine antagonist antipsychotics reduce the effect of Vyvanse/Elvanse?

I'm on paroxetine 40mg and risperidone 3mg for my OCD. Recently my doctor put me on Vyvanse/Elvanse and feel absolutely nothing. My concentration is bad as always. Is it possible that the risperidone, being a dopamine antagonist, is reducing the effects of Vyvanse?
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2021.11.29 19:58 akarma23 Who applies to the show?

Like you know in every couple there’s gotta be one person who thinks it’s a good idea. I wish TLC would out them. Or at least discuss it during bares all or something.
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2021.11.29 19:58 WFG110011 Agar Peptone type

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